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Tractel Magfor II HT Magnet Lifter

Tractel Magfor II HT Magnet Lifter

Tractel Magfor II Lifting Magnet

The Tractel Magfor ll standard lifting magnet has 5 lifting capacities ranging from 100kg up to 2000kg; there is also the mk1 original magnet available in 3000 and 5000kg capacities.

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Tractel Magfor II Lifting Magnet
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This is just one of many high quality lifting products from Tractel that we sell, providing excellent performance in the specific role of handling sheets and cylinders of metal.

Key Features of the Tractel Magfor II

  • 2 stage deactivation process for extra safety
  • Independent self locking safety device
  • Can lift cylindrical objects
  • Minimum maintenance & no electric needed.
  • Neodymium magnet
  • The rotor which enables orientation of magnetic strength on the load is placed with a robust lever.

Benefits of the Magfor II Range

As you can tell from the quick rundown of the key features, this range of lifting magnets is versatile and well equipped, while still being a cost-effective alternative to battery powered models. There is even a high temperature variant available for lifting applications that involve the handling of very hot metals.

Using machinery to lift heavy loads can be dangerous, so it makes sense to work with a permanent magnet like this which has so many baked-in safety features. From its auto-locking catch which prevents drops to its sturdy design which avoids wear and tear taking its toll, there is a lot to like about the Magfor II, in all its variations.

It is sensible to compare the working load limit of each model, because there are differences in how much weight it can take depending on whether the object is flat or curved. The limit for a round surface is usually half that of a flat sheet, for reasons of safety and stability.

Lifting Equipment Contrasted

If you need to shift magnetic loads, then a lifting magnet like this is an obvious choice. If you have different duties to take care of, our full range of handling products will come into play. We even build bespoke, customisable crane assemblies from top quality materials and using the best components available.

If you do not need something as comprehensive, we can supply lifting accessories and loose tackle to add to existing gear. Check out our wire rope products to find a full array of options in this popular category as well.

Contact LGD for Guidance on Magnet Lifters

At Lifting Gear Direct we understand that you might need a helping hand when picking a product, so our team is ready and waiting to provide just that. Our contact form is available to get in touch online, or if a phone conversation with an expert is what you need then you can call us on 01384 76961.

CodeModelWLL On plate surface (KG)WLL On round surface (KG)Weight (KG)Min chain Ø (mm)
185438Magfor II 10010050310
185448Magfor II 3003001259.512
185458Magfor II 5005002151316
185468Magfor II 1000100045031.520
185478Magfor II 200020008009525
54668Magfor 30003000120019040
54678Magfor 50005000240040050
Magfor 1001357075125454012510
Magfor 3001909085175705018012
Magfor 500255110100195705021016
Magfor 10003501401302701056032525
Magfor 20004401801803201056034025
Magfor 30004802202154151508070040
Magfor 50005403703155151508570050

Tractel Magfor II Lifting Magnet dimensions

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