Tiger SS12 Corrosion Resistant

Tiger SS12 Corrosion Resistant

Kuplex grade 8 & 10  chain

Kuplex grade 8 & 10 chain

Tractel Tralift Chain Block

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Tractel Tralift
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The Tralift chain block by Tractel is possibly the smallest and lightest chain block around. Its exceptional compactness means it can manage lifting applications in places where there is not enough room for its larger rivals. It also comes with plenty of useful features that make it practical by any standards, with load capacities kicking off at 500kg and topping out at 20 tonnes. 

Tractel Tralift Chain Block Central Benefits


  • 180 degree chain guide
  • Safety catch
  • Nyloc nuts
  • Cast steel hook catches
  • Load limiters will be available.
  • Largest brakes and bearings. 

Tractel Tralift In-Depth Overview

As you can tell from the rundown of the main features offered by this chain block, it is built with lifting safety in mind. From the 180-degree chain guide which provides flexibility in terms of where the operator is positioned, to the availability of load limiters to prevent overburdening the hoist, it has all the angles covered. 

The high quality brakes and bearings are another advantage when it comes to safety. They will make sure that even heavy loads can be handled smoothly and without any unwanted drops or jolting. 

Durability is another asset of this small yet perfectly formed hoist range. The cast steel hook catches can provide plenty of strength and sturdiness over time, so long as you get regular inspections alongside the usual operator examinations prior to use. 

Rival Chain Block Models

The Tractel Tralift hoist is just one of the manual chain blocks you can find on our site, so there is no need to limit yourself solely to considering this model. That being said, its optimised dimensions mean that in certain settings, it will definitely be the best chain block for the job. 

Other compact models can be found from brands like Kito and Yale, so be sure to broaden your search if the Tralift is lacking in some key feature that you need to make it viable. All of the kit on sale at Lifting Gear Direct is priced competitively and available to be installed and tested by our specialist staff.

 Advice on Lifting Equipment Selection

The best way to work out which chain block to buy is to talk to the experts at LGD. Our team can answer almost any question on the products we sell, including giving you in-depth guidance on the Tractel Tralift range of chain blocks. Call 01384 76961 to chat about your options, or email us if online communication is preferred.

Model WLL Number of falls Effort on hand chain (daN/KG) Load chain (mm) Hand chain (mm) Hoist weight for 3mtr (KG) Chain weight** extra per mtr (KG) 
500 500KG 1 21 5 x 15 5 x 24 9 1.5
1000 1000KG 1 34 6 x 18 5 x 24 12 1.7
1500 1500KG 1 38 8 x 24 5 x 24 19 2.3
2000 2000KG 2 36 6 x 18 5 x 24 18 2.5
2000 2000KG 1 40 8 x 24 5 x 24 20 2.3
3000 3000KG 2 42 8 x 24 5 x 24 28 3.7
5000 5000KG 2 45 10 x 30 5 x 24 41 5.3
10000 10000KG 4 47 10 x 30 5 x 24 79 9.7
20000* 20000KG 8 50 10 x 30 5 x 24 178 19.4
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