Verlinde VL Electric Chain Hoist

Verlinde VL Electric Chain Hoist

Verlinde Stagemaker SR electric Hoist

Verlinde Stagemaker SR electric Hoist

Verlinde Stagemaker SM Electric Hoist

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The Verlinde Stagemaker SM electric hoist is the pre-curser to the latest SR hoist though is still very popular. It is a compact hoisting system which is extensively used in the entertainment industry. They are ideal for use in stage and theatre applications, but are also perfect for use on mobile tours.

These compact electric hoists are very versatile with some models being able to be used in an inverted position. This essentially turns them into a climbing hoist where the load is attached to the suspension hook. This means that the hoist is suspended from the load hook and therefore when operated the entire hoist body together with the attached load will be lifted. 

All models are available as a standard hoist in the normal position and are used in the same way as any other standard hoist.  To be able to use these hoist either way can make theatre work much easier. Stage sets, lighting systems and speakers as well as scenery can be handled in a much safer and quicker way.  

Key Components of the Verlinde Stagemaker SM Electric Hoist 

The Stagemaker SM has some great features to ensure the hoist works to optimum performance, consistently and safely as well as making the hoist easier to use.

 The main body of the hoist is made from injection cast aluminium to reduce the weight. There are also ribbed vents to enable efficient heat dissipation. There is a large panel for access to electrical components including plug and play controllers. Maintenance is also carried out from here. 

For fluidity of the chain movement the load wheel has 5 machined pockets and with a horizontal chain flux output the chain is guided seamlessly.

The black electro-galvanized lifting chain minimises its visibility which is an added bonus when used in theatres etc.  This feeds into and out of the high graded fabric chain bag which can be removed.

Version A has a class F motor, electro-magnetic disc brake and load limiter for enhanced safety. Swivel hooks make fitting the hoist and attaching loads much easier, and the hand grip makes handling and transportation easier too.

Options Available 

There are many extras available including controller packs and flight cases for easy transport.

There are numerous configurations available, Models SM1, 2, 5 & 10 can be configured as a climbing hoist whilst the above plus the SM16, 20 & 25 are configurable as a standard industrial type suspension hoist.  

There is a wide range of optional equipment available for the Verlinde Stagemaker SM electric hoist, these include:

  • Built in encoder
  • Pendant control
  • Geared limit switches with 2 or 4 cams
  • 2 lifting speeds
  • Double brake
  • Load monitoring system
  • 4, 6, 8 or 12 channel controllers
  • Motor versions – BGV-C1 (VBG-70) & BGV-D8+
  • Very low 48v control
  • Variable speed.


Also available in a variable speed versions (version V) for optimum precision. This is based on the SM10 model and comes in 500kg, 1000kg and 2000kg lifting capacities. The variable speed hoists incorporate a continuous speed monitoring system. 

There are other choices of Verlinde electric hoists available as well as other types of hoisting equipment, please contact us if you require more technical details.




Capacity (KG)Type codeSpeed (m/min)Hoist duty cycle %Nb of falls Chain size (mm)Motor power (kW)Dimensions₃ (mm)Weight₄ (KG)
 Version A-B-C and EVersion D          
 Standard Advanced safety          
 BGV-D8BGV-D8+BGV-C1     ABHHoist bodyChain p/m lift 
125SM1 128M1  840 3.1 x 9.30.2278200110140.2
SM5 1216M2SM5 1216M2 164014.8 x 12.50.45401247135270.55
250SM2 254M1  42514 x 120.2334200110170.35
SM5 254M2  44014.8 x 12.50.45401247135270.55
 SM5 254M2 44014.8 x 12.50.45451247135270.55
SM5 258M2  44014.8 x 12.50.85401247135270.55
 SM5 258M2 84014.8 x 12.50.85451247135270.55
SM5 2516M1  162514.8 x 12.50.85401247135270.55
500SM5 504M1  42514.8 x 12.50.45401247135270.55
 SM10 504M2SM10 504M244016.8 x 17.80.9588283175521.22
SM5 508M1  82514.8 x 12.50.85401247135270.55
 SM10 508M2SM10 508M284016.8 x 17.81.75588283175521.22
SM10 5016M1  162516.8 x 17.81.75481283175481.22
1000 SM10 1002M2SM10 1002M224026.8 x 17.81.75588283175522.44
SM10 1004M1  42516.8 x 17.80.9481283175481.22
 SM10 1004M2SM10 1004M244026.8 x 17.81.75588283175522.44
SM10 1008M1  82516.8 x 17.81.75481283175481.22
 SM16 1008B1 2/82519 x 273.5/0.875184901951151.8
1250 SM25 1256B2 1.6/6.340111.3 x 313.5/0.875184901951152.85
1600SM16 1608B1  2/82519 x 273.5/0.875183511951001.8
2000SM10 2002M1  22526.8 x 17.81.75588283175522.44
SM10 2004M1  42526.8 x 17.81.75588283175522.44
 SM20 2004B2 1/440211.3 x 313.5/0.875184901951152.85
SM20 2008B1  2/825211.3 x 313.5/0.875183511951102.85
2500 SM25 2503B2 0.75/3.2540211.3 x 313.5/0.875184901951155.7
5000SM25 2506B1  1.6/6.325111.3 x 313.5/0.875183511951102.85
SM25 5003B1  0.75/3.2525211.3 x 313.5/0.875183511951255.7
₁ Includes safety factor 10 and double brake           
₂ Includes safety factor 10, double brake, overload detection and special controls        
₃ Weight and sizes are indicative           
₄ Electric motors are min. 40% ID - 240 starts per hour          


Capacity (KG)Version VSpeed (m/min)Hoist duty cycle %Nb of fallsChain size (mm)Motor power (kW)Dimensions ₃ (mm)Weight₃ (KG)
 StandardAdvanced safety      ABHHoist bodyChain p/m lift 
500SM10.508V2-V 0.5/85016.8 x 17.81.75481381175501.22
 SM10.508V2-V0.5/85016.8 x 17.81.75588381175541.22
SM10.5016V1-V 1/164016.8 x 17.81.75481381175501.22
 SM10.5016V1-V1/164016.8 x 17.81.75588381175541.22
1000SM10.1008V1-V 0.5/84016.8 x 17.81.75481381175501.22
 SM10.1008V2-V0.5/85026.8 x 17.81.75588381175542.44
2000SM10.2004V1-V 0.25/44026.8 x 17.81.75481381175502.44
₁ Includes safety factor 10 and double brake          
₂ Includes safety factor 10, double brake, overload detection and special controls       
₃ Weight and sizes are indicative          
₄ Electric motors are min. 40% ID - 240 starts per hour         

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