Y16 Yaletrac Cable Puller

Y16 Yaletrac Cable Puller

Y08 Yaletrac cable puller

The Yaletrac Y08 cable puller uses powerful jaws around a wire rope to lift, pull and tension loads. Wire rope cable pullers can be used for many types of applications.

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 This 800kg capacity model is compact & lightweight (just 7kg) with a high tensile aluminium alloy housing which has a large flat bottomed surface which provides added stability.

  • The forward & reverse levers are in an in-line, tandem position assuring power transfer along the centre line whilst providing a slim design.
  • Shear pins provide the overload protection, which can be easily replaced, even whilst under load; spare pins are provided (stored in the carry handle or lever).
  • The rope clamp system can be disengaged via a lever to allow easy installation of the wire rope.
  • The special rope used in the yaletrac models has 6 strands with a steel core, tapered at one end for easier fitting and an eye sling hook with safety latch at the other end.
  • Due to the parallel clamping system, the rope is protected by evenly distributing the clamping forces, and also allows a longer rope advance with each lever pull to increase the speed.
  • Easy to clean and re-lubricate due to the large top opening.

Options available: 

  • Eye sling hook with safety latch
  • Longer ropes
  • Drum reel
  • Storage box


Model Y08 Yaletrac cable puller
Description 0.8t w.H.lever w/o wire rope BU
Rope Weight (KG/M) 0.29
Weight without rope (KG) 7
Rope diameter (mm) 8.4
Rope advance per double stroke (mm) 60
Lever length (mm) 800
Lever pull at WLL daN 24
Capacity (nominal load) (KG)  800
B mm 60     
H mm 168
H1 mm 240
L mm 430
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