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Yale CPV/F Electric Hoist with Integrated Trolley

Yale CPV/F Electric Hoist with Integrated Trolley

Yale CPV/F Electric Hoist

The Yale CPV Electric Hoist is a single speed, high performance lifting device, This hoist also comes in a dual speed version, the Yale CPV/F electric hoist.

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Yale CPV/F Electric Hoist

The CPV hoist was previously only available with lifting capacities up to 2000kg, though recently Yale have announced new models which are coming soon and are capable of lifting loads or 2500kg & 5000kg. With this newly extended range of electric hoists there is a model to suit the majority of every day lifting operations.

The Yale CPV/F electric hoist series is ideal for industrial applications where high performance and robust equipment is needed. Designed to give a long working life the CPV is manufactures with a robust construction and limit switches to help to protect the slip clutch, motor and gearbox and therefore extending their working life.

These hoists are also available with an integral trolley which you can view here - Yale CPV/F electric hoist with integrated trolley

Lifting Gear Direct can also supply many other Yale electric hoists as well as devices from other top electric hoist manufacturers

Key Features of the Yale CPV Electric Hoist

Alongside the upper and lower limit switches, the CPV has many other features to ensure a robust and safe lifting device, these include;

An adjustable slipping clutch which can be easily adjusted from the outside, this is an excellent safety device which ensures the load and brake system are permanently connected. The braking system is an electro-magnetic spring pressure brake which will consistently hold the load, even if there is a power failure.

The load sprocket and chain guide are easy to access, should close inspection be necessary, this can be done without the need to take apart the whole unit.

The gearbox is well lubricated in an oil bath to enhance its working life. The helical gearing is case hardened to ensure smooth running.

The CPV electric hoist is available with a top suspension hook which incorporates a safety catch or a suspension lug to lower the headroom and easier integration into a trolley system. Your suspension choice should be specified at the time of ordering.

Other CPV/F Electric Chain Hoist Technical Features.

  • Motor classified to H3 with IP55 protection.
  • Standard operating voltage = 400v, 3Ph, 50hZ.
  • 42v low voltage control with the closed pendant controller to IP 65.
  • Duty cycles up to 50% ED for a single speed hoist.
  • The hoist is designed to FEM 1Am. H3 (HMI)
  • There is a main line contactor for increased safety.
  • The CPV can be operated within the temperature range of -10 to +40 degrees.

Extras Option Choices

  • Hook or lug suspension point
  • Stainless steel load chain
  • Radio remote control unit
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Higher speeds – up to 20metres per minute
  • Adjustable geared limit switches. (upper & lower)
  • Manual or electric trolley systems
  • Festoon cables
  • Other operating voltages may be possible.
  • Chain container.

ModelCapacity in kg/number of chain fallsChain dimensions d x p (mm)Classification FEM/ISOLifting speed main lift m/minLifting speed fine lift m/minHoist Motor (kW)Motor Rating ED%Weight suspension lug (KG)Weight push trolley (KG)Weight electric trolley (KG)
CPV 2-8250/14 x 12.21Am/M48 0.3750192833
CPV/F 2-8250/14 x 12.21Am/M4820.37/0.0933/17192833
CPV 5-4500/24 x 12.21Am/M44 0.3750192833
CPV/F 5-4500/24 x 12.21Am/M4410.37/0.0933/17192833
CPV 5-8500/15 x 15.1 1Am/M48 0.7550264149
CPV/F 5-8500/15 x 15.1 1Am/M4820.75/0.1833/17274250
CPV 10-41000/25 x 15.1 1Am/M44 0.7550284351
CPV/F 10-41000/25 x 15.1 1Am/M4410.75/0.1833/17294452
CPV 10-81000/17.1 x 20.51Am/M48 1.550587784
CPV/F 10-81000/17.1 x 20.51Am/M4821.5/0.3733/17597885
CPV 20-42000/27.1 x 20.51Am/M44 1.550638289
CPV/F 20-42000/27.1 x 20.51Am/M4411.5/0.3733/17648390
CPV/F 25-82500/111x311Am/M4823.6/0.933/1785
CPV/F 50-45000/211x311Am/M4413.6/0.933/17
A, mm327327357430431528514658
A1, mm163163196196234234288288
A2 (Size I), mm413413476476564564580580
A2 (Size II), mm 526526644644764764
A2 (Size III), mm 606606734734854854
A2 (Size IV), mm 798798934934--
B, mm2323222929373737
B1, mm1212151520203333
C, mm3030293535404646
C1, mm3030383845457171
C2, mm105105105105154154194194
D, mm1616152121263535
D1, mm 1212151515152525
E, mm 205205277277326326409409
G, mm 102102120144140173179179
G1 (Size I), mm124124142166175208264264
G1 (Size II), mm 162186175208264264
G1 (Size III), mm 162186175208265265
G1 (Size IV), mm 162186175208--
H, mm9999157133186154230230
H2, mm9292158158186186230180
K (CPV), mm 208208285285335335
K (CPVF), mm215215208208285285
M (Size I), mm 157157162162209209300300
M (Size II), mm 197197209209300300
M (Size III), mm 197197209209301301
M (Size IV),mm 197197209209--
Nⁱ, mm 159159219219274274299299
ⁱfor 230 V, 1-phase, 50Hz: +35mm

Yale CPV/F Electric Hoist dimensions

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