Yale TPM 0.1 Permanent Lifting Magnet

Yale TPM 0.1 Permanent Lifting Magnet

Yale TPM 0.5 Permanent Lifting Magnet

Yale TPM 0.5 Permanent Lifting Magnet

Yale TPM 0.3 Permanent Lifting Magnet

The TPM 0.3 is a permanent lifting magnet with a maximum working load limit of 300kg.

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Yale TPM 0.3 Permanent Lifting Magnet

It weighs just 15.5kg and so is easily portable. There are a number of different models in the TPM range, with the most compact of the bunch being the TPM 0.1 with its 100kg load limit. Meanwhile the largest example we offer is the TPM 1.0 which can cope with weights of up to 1000kg.

Basic Benefits of the Yale TPM 0.3 Magnet Lifter

  • You will need to lift a minimum thickness of 19mm in order to achieve the maximum WLL.
  • For flat materials the maximum WLL. is 300kg, and work with loads up to 2500mm in length safely.
  • For cylindrical materials or 200-300mm in diameter the maximum WLL will be 150kg, and also work with lengths of 2500mm.
  • Simple to operate.

Usability of the Yale TPM 0.3

Like our other permanent lifting magnets, this model from Yale comes with a handle mounted on the side to allow the orientation of its magnetic field to be altered on the fly. When the magnet is applied to a steel sheet or cylinder, it will cling on for as long as is required. It does not need any outside power to keep its grip, which makes it safe and convenient for lighter lifting duties. For magnetic lifting with a bit more grunt, our battery powered models will be a better choice.

The design of the TPM 0.3 includes a metal eye bolted onto the top of the casing which is designed to accommodate a hook from a separate hoist. This means it will need to be combined with existing lifting gear to work correctly. Our magnetic grabs are the best option for hand held lifting of metal sheets.

Permanent Lifting Magnet Safety Features

Clearly any equipment that is operated via a handle has the opportunity to create risks if that mechanical element is moved, knocked or displaced accidentally. To counteract this likelihood and keep loads stable and safe, the TPM 0.3 and all of its stable mates come with a locking system. The lever will remain engaged and the magnet will stay attached to the objects it is attracting until the operator makes a deliberate choice to change this.

From warehouses and factories to facilities that deal with scrap metal, this light weight unit will be an efficient and safe investment to help speed up lifting operations of all types.

Stuck on Lifting Magnets? LGD can help

If you are having trouble choosing between our magnet lifters, all you need to do is ask for assistance. You can do this when you call 01384 76961, or you have the option of emailing your query to us. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

ModelFlat material Round material Tear off force (KG)Weight (KG) 
 Maximum capacity WLL (KG)Minimum thickness to obtain max WLL (mm)Maximum length of material (mm) Maximum capacity WLL (KG)Diameter (mm)Maximum length of material (mm)   
TPM 0.110015200050200-30020003006
TPM 0.3300192500150200-300250090015.5
TPM 0.5500253000250200-3003000150029.5
TPM 0.8800353500400200-3003500240053
TPM 11000403500500200-3003500300060
TPM 220005535001000200-40035006000126
 A mmB mmC mmD mm
TPM 0.112269185160
TPM 0.319295225250
TPM 0.5232120270250
TPM 0.8302154320450
TPM 1332154320450
TPM 2392196420450
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