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Contact LLJ Low Liner Forklift Jib

The LLJ Low liner Jib arm is rated to suit the capacity of the forklift truck. 

  • Multiple hook positionings 
  • C/W hook & shackle as standard 
  • To suit truck capacities up to 5000kg 
  • Various fork sizes and spreads available. 
  • Large fork pockets for easy fitting. 
  • Long reach Jib arm to access difficult to reach areas. 
  • Ideal for handling motors and un-palletised objects.

Technical Data

ModelSuitable for minimum truck capacity (KG)Capacity at first hole (KG)First & last hole positions (mm)  ModelWeight (KG)C of G (mm)
LLJ 500-0.81000800500/1750LLJ 500-0.8125692
LLJ 500-113001000500/1750LLJ 500-1125691
LLJ 500-1.315001300500/1750LLJ 500-1.3125691
LLJ 500-1.820001800500/1750LLJ 500-1.8125691
LLJ 500-2.225002200500/1750LLJ 500-2.2127691
LLJ 500-2.730002700500/1750LLJ 500-2.7129812
LLJ 500-3.135003100500/1750LLJ 500-3.1129812
LLJ 500-3.540003500500/1750LLJ 500-3.5129812
LLJ 500-4.450004400500/1750LLJ 500-4.4186840


ModelTruck capacity (KG)A hook height (mm)B last hole (mm)C max fork width (mm)D fork spread (mm)F max fork thickness (mm) 
LLJ 500-0.81000289175012536550
LLJ 500-11300289175012536550
LLJ 500-1.31500289175012536550
LLJ 500-1.82000339175012536550
LLJ 500-2.22500354175015044050
LLJ 500-2.73000364175015044050
LLJ 500-3.13500364175015044050
LLJ 500-3.54000414175015044050
LLJ 500-4.45000438175015051050


ModelCapacity (KG) @ load centre (mm)
LLJ 500-0.8800650500380310230
LLJ 500-11000800630470390280
LLJ 500-1.31300900680500450380
LLJ 500-1.8180014001100900720580
LLJ 500-2.222001800140011001000850
LLJ 500-2.727002050145012001100900
LLJ 500-3.1310025001900150012001000
LLJ 500-3.5350027002000160013001100
LLJ 500-4.4440034002700220018501400