AClow51B Pallet Truck (low)

AClow51B 1500kg Pallet Truck (low)

DBA20 2000kg Pallet Truck (LONG)

DBA20 2000kg Pallet Truck (LONG)

ACZ25 2500kg Pallet Truck

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ACZ25 2500kg Pallet Truck
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The ACZ25 has fork sizes of 540mm x 1150mm and a lifting capacity of 2500kg 

  • Galvanised heavy duty steel for extra anti-corrosion properties. 
  • Can be utilised in very low temperatures 
  • nickle coated pump unit 
  • 3 position lever with trigger lifting 
  • entry/exit rollers 
  • nylon double fork rollers and wheels 
  • Widely used for use in freezers and for carrying meats, sea products, wines and chemicals etc.
Model     ACZ25  
Capacity   KG 2000
Min fork height H1 mm 85
Max fork height H2 mm 200
Steering wheel size A mm 200x50
Fork roller size B mm 80x70
Fork width X mm 160
Fork length L mm 1150
Width W mm 540
Steering   ° 205°
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