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Welcome to the Lifting Gear Direct news page

Hello and welcome to the Lifting Gear Direct News and Updates page! This page contains all of the latest news and updates from us here at Lifting Gear Direct, any blog posts from us, and the latest on what has been happening in the lifting gear industry. 

If you are interested in the industry or want to keep up to date with any new products that are coming to the market or innovative new methods for lifting loads, then we are well placed to get this information first through our reliable contacts within the industry.  

We are a rapidly growing company here at Lifting Gear Direct, and combined with our sister companies Rope Services Direct and Cranes Direct; there are always new updates from us and the team. While we can’t commit to how frequent the news and updates will be as much of it will depend on what is happening in the industry, we will post updates as regularly as we can.

news blog 

We’ll aim to post news and updates here as often as possible 

If you are looking for other bits of interesting information, advice on how to use your lifting gear or tips on what the best piece of equipment might be for you, we will be posting regular blog updates here too. We stock an extensive range of lifting gear and we understand that it may be difficult choosing between them all so we will build up our news and updates section to become a useful resource over time.  

Getting in touch 

If you are looking for a specific piece of information, be sure to check out our FAQ page here (link not live). If you prefer please do feel free to get in touch with us on 01384 76961 or through our contact form, and one of the team would be more than happy to help.  

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News & Updates

  • Electric Hoists from Lifting Gear Direct

    This article explains everything you need to know about electric hoists, and may help you in understanding why they have such an extensive use within the industrial sphere today. Continue reading →...
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  • Height Safety Kits – Helping to Stay Safe When Working at Heights

    Many operations within the lifting gear industry will involve workers working at height. While lifting equipment will ease as much of this burden as possible, sometimes it is simply unavoidable to have your own employees work above the ground. A range of height safety equipment has been specially designed to ensure that all workers remain protected while operating under these conditions. You can r...
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  • The Most Effective Lifting Equipment to Use for Stairs

    Whether inside a worksite, or moving between worksites, you may find that you need to traverse a set of stairs with your equipment or load. Generally, operations are planned so as not to have to rely solely on stairs, but this does not eliminate the possibility that you may encounter stairs at some stage! To help with this issue, below we have listed some of the most effective lifting equipment to...
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  • Industrial Lifting Clamps - Types and Applications (Infographic)

    Most organisations will have heard of the standard beam clamps and plate clamps, but there are also a range of other speciality lifting clamps and lifting grabs. This article and infographic focuses on the wide variety of clamps and accessories available in the industry. The infographic Industrial Lifting Clamps - Types and Applications Infographic from Lifting Gear Direct Click here to view the ...
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  • Lifting Equipment Uses in Shipyards

    You may think of shipyards as more of a place than an industry, but with so many different people and processes involved, it is easily an industry in its own right. It also remains a separate entity to the shipping containers and docks industry, which involves its own people, processes and equipment. The shipyards industry A shipyard is used for the building or repairing of ships. These can range ...
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  • Lifting Equipment Applications in Engineering

    Engineering is a broad industry, and has relations to many of the industries that we work in, such as construction and manufacturing. It involves the use of maths and science to create, invent, design, research, adapt or build items, machines, structures, products, solutions and more. In short, it does everything with helping to put roofs over our heads to giving us the transport we need to get ar...
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  • Lifting Equipment Uses in Water and Waste

    The water and waste industry is a large one, incorporating several different sectors; waste, water treatment, sustainability, sewage treatment, environmental treatment and environmental engineering. While each of these components is an industry in its own right, they are closely interlinked. While lifting equipment doesn’t find a great use in all of these areas, there are some where the sector s...
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  • Lifting Equipment Uses in Manufacturing

    It is hard to categorise the manufacturing industry as just one industry; it encompasses and incorporates a huge range of sectors around the world. However, it can be described as the use of chemical and biological processing, tools, machines, lifting equipment and people in order to create merchandise for sale or use. It has close links with the engineering and design industries, and is used to c...
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  • Lifting Equipment Applications in Power and Energy

    The power and energy sector is one of the most crucial to modern society, having an effect on almost every other industry around the world in some way. By powering everything from the manufacturing plants that we rely on for our products, down to our own homes, it’s importance as an industry has risen over the years. Lifting equipment has many applications, including playing a large role in the ...
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  • Lifting Equipment Applications in Food and Brewery

    When we think of lifting products or lifting equipment, we tend to think of heavy industrial environments or processes. It’s sometimes easy to forget that these pieces of equipment are crucial in delivering a whole range of items to consumers and end-users, from the smartphones that we use every day to the vehicles we use for transport. Another vital end product that we couldn’t be without is ...
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