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Welcome to the Lifting Gear Direct news page

Hello and welcome to the Lifting Gear Direct News and Updates page! This page contains all of the latest news and updates from us here at Lifting Gear Direct, any blog posts from us, and the latest on what has been happening in the lifting gear industry. 

If you are interested in the industry or want to keep up to date with any new products that are coming to the market or innovative new methods for lifting loads, then we are well placed to get this information first through our reliable contacts within the industry.  

We are a rapidly growing company here at Lifting Gear Direct, and combined with our sister companies Rope Services Direct and Cranes Direct; there are always new updates from us and the team. While we can’t commit to how frequent the news and updates will be as much of it will depend on what is happening in the industry, we will post updates as regularly as we can.

news blog 

We’ll aim to post news and updates here as often as possible 

If you are looking for other bits of interesting information, advice on how to use your lifting gear or tips on what the best piece of equipment might be for you, we will be posting regular blog updates here too. We stock an extensive range of lifting gear and we understand that it may be difficult choosing between them all so we will build up our news and updates section to become a useful resource over time.  

Getting in touch 

If you are looking for a specific piece of information, be sure to check out our FAQ page here (link not live). If you prefer please do feel free to get in touch with us on 01384 76961 or through our contact form, and one of the team would be more than happy to help.  

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News & Updates

  • The Strength and Durability of Industrial Grade Beam Trolleys

    A beam trolley is used to suspend a hoist from an overhead beam, enabling it to travel up and down the beam with ease. They are mainly used in industries where heavy loads need to be transported from one side of a warehouse to another whilst simultaneously minimalizing the degree of sway. Different types of beam trolleys Beam trolleys come in several different variants depending on the size of the...
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  • General Data Protection Regulations 25th May 2018

    Regulations are changing and your security is very important to us. Information regarding what data we keep, its storage, security, access and retention can be found in our Privacy Policy. Please also see our Letter of Authority which can be found below. We would kindly ask that you complete and return these to allow us to hold and process your data for the purposes of current and future trading ...
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  • Lifting Gear Inspections – What are they Exactly?

    Lifting equipment is used in a whole range of industries, from construction to engineering and shipping to mining. Regardless of the sector that it is being used within or the purpose it is being used for, it will be subject to a high degree of stress, strain and pressure. The equipment is designed for situations such as this, and is built to be long-lasting. Made from tough metals or other materi...
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  • How Wire Rope Products Can Deliver ROI for Your Business

    A lifting operation generally involves many moving parts and pieces, and won’t rely on only one piece of equipment alone. For example, an operation will typically be comprised of a crane, a hoist, and a lifting medium. While the cranes and the hoists can vary greatly in nature, the lifting medium is generally almost always one of three types; chains, webbing slings, or wire rope. While of course...
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  • Crane Scales – Massively Important for Lifting Safety

    For anyone operating with lifting equipment, which can be in a whole range of industries, lifting safety will be at the forefront of your minds. Whether it’s huge industrial operations, or it’s just small one-time jobs, proper precautions and safety measures must be in place to ensure a smooth and accident-free operation. Because of this, a range of additional tools and gear have been created ...
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  • The Benefits of Buying an Aluminium Gantry Crane

    A quick look at our lifting equipment product section will show you that we certainly aren’t short on offering our customers and clients a wide range of high-quality equipment. While this choice is great, we understand that sometimes it can be hard deciding which piece of equipment may be best for you. For instance, why choose an aluminium gantry crane over a standard steel mobile gantry crane? ...
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  • How to Control Swaying of Loads in Lifting Operations

    With any lifting operation, there are many things that you need to think about and to consider. There are often dozens of moving parts and pieces involved, and there can be several factors involved with the planning of said operation. One factor that you must account for during the planning process is for the swaying of loads, something that can naturally happen during lifting. We’ve explained m...
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  • How to Choose a Winch Which Works for Your Business

    We have a range of high quality winches here at Lifting Gear Direct. As with many of the categories of products that we stock, we have a number of different items, each offering their own benefits and unique features. For that reason, here we have laid out a general guide to winches which will help you decide which is the right one for your business. What are winches? A winch is loosely described ...
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  • Height Safety Legislation and Standards in the UK

    Those operating within the lifting gear industry will find that working at height is often a common task that must be performed. Perhaps it’s at great towering heights on large construction projects, or maybe it’s just a few metres off the ground. Regardless of whatever height you are working at, it’s imperative that the right steps are taken to ensure that workers remain safe and protected ...
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  • 8 FAQs About Lifting Slings

    Lifting slings are one of the many types of lifting equipment products that we offer here. As you can see from our site, we have 12 different categories of lifting equipment alone, so you’d be forgiven for sometimes wondering which may be the best for your operation! For that reason, here we have put together a handy little guide, focusing on eight of the most frequently asked questions that we ...
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