We have an extensive blog section here on the Lifting Gear Direct website, where we have detailed plenty of articles on the industry and the various equipment involved, including hoisting equipment.

The majority of these articles take the form of written content, allowing us to share our expert opinions and advice with you. Today we want to do something a little bit different, and instead share 10 of our favourite images of hoisting equipment.

#1 Hoists in the marine industry

Hoists in the marine industry

One of the most common industries where hoisting equipment is used is within the marine industry, both on ships themselves, as well as in shipyards and dockyards too. Without them, it wouldn’t be possible to transport the many loads and goods around the world.

This is crucial, as seaborne container trade is valued at 12 trillion US dollars alone in 2017. This image shows a hoist against the backdrop of a ship.

Image credit: James West

#2 Life-saving hoists

Hoists in the army


This image shows a truly important use for lifting hoists in action; life-saving abilities. While they are commonly used to lift and lower heavy loads in places like warehouses, they are often used to lift and lower people too.

Here, we see it lifting a member of the US army during medevac training.

Image credit: The U.S. Army

#3 Hoists for home maintenance

Hoists for home maintenance


Here we see a much different use for lifting hoists; for home usage. As you can see, the hoist is in quite a casual setting, but this is what makes the equipment so useful! One minute it’ll be involved in high-pressure situations with the army, the next minute it can be used in makeshift setups back at home!

Image credit: Robin Robbins

#4 Lifting hoists at home (again!)

Lifting hoists at home


This is a photo from the same person as the one above, showing the same setup, but just how it’s been folded away. It shows you how diverse and adaptable this equipment is, and how it can so easily fit into your work environment.

Image credit: Robin Robbins

#5 Hoists and sandbags

100710-F-9366B-Preparing sand bag hoist


Here we see hoists being used for a completely different reason – to lift sandbags out of a worksite. As you can see, the sandbags have a sling like hoop at the top, allowing them to be easily hoisted out.

Image credit: Deepwater Horizon Response

#6 Hoists and animals

Lifting hoists and animals


If we can be honest, this is one of our all-time favourite photos of a hoist in action! Not only is it a brilliant photo, but it also shows just how diverse and adaptable this equipment is. Want to lift loads? Sure! People? No problem? Animals? Oh go on then! These dogs also perform important work for the army, so it’s great they can be so easily transported around.

Image credit: The U.S. Army

#7 Height safety

Hoists and height safety


Height safety is a crucial factor within the lifting gear industry, and lifting hoists play a big role in this. They are often used to suspend workers safely, but here you can also see them being used in conjunction with this lifting cage too.

Image credit: Michael Coghlan

#8 Another use for hoists in the marine industry

Hoists and yachts


Here we see another use for hoists within the marine industry. As we mentioned above, they are used extensively for the lifting and lowering of loads for transport, but they are also used to lift and lower the boats, ships, vessels and yachts themselves too.

In this picture above we see them being used to suspend, and presumably lower this yacht into the water. Another reason you may find them being used to lift vessels is within shipyards to allow workers to conduct repairs on them.

Image credit: Melanie M

#9 Great photo of a lifting hoist

A lifting hoist in action


This above photo is simply a stunning photo of a lifting hoist in action, and one that we felt we had to include! This is again a flight medic crew.

Image credit: USASOC News Service

#10 Look after your hoist!

hoisting equipment


We wanted to include this photo just to make you aware of what can happen to your equipment if you don’t look after it. As you can see here, this hoist is rusty, and may be old or simply hasn’t been looked after properly. Be careful, because this can make your lifting operation highly unsafe! If you want to find out more, we suggest reading these lifting guidelines here.

Image credit: Agent00Funk

Want to find out more about hoisting equipment?

We hope that you have found the above images as interesting as we do! They provide a snapshot to just how useful the equipment is, and how they can be used in such a wide variety of ways. If you would like to find out more about how they can be used for your own operation, please get in contact with us here.