10 Amazing Lifting Gear Images

They do say that a picture speaks a thousand words, so rather than our usual method of content, we wanted to show you 10 lifting gear images, taken from Flickr Creative Commons.

#1 Swing arm hoist

lifting gear images

Here we can see a swing arm hoist, which is manually operated via a chain and has been hooked onto the beam of a crane. It is a common lifting accessory, often used with cranes to complete lifting and lowering tasks. You can see our full range of lifting hoists here.

Credit: Robin Robbins

#2 Gantry hoist

lifting gear images

This is another example of a manually operated lifting hoist, except this time it has been attached to a gantry crane. This picture also shows the lifting operation in action. Although it is lifting a fairly small load here, they are capable of lifting much heavier weights!


Image credit: Les Chatfield


#3 A jib crane in action

lifting gear images

This picture is great for showing us what a floor-mounted jib crane looks like in action within a warehouse setting. You can see how it is lifting a load, with the help of other pieces of lifting equipment, perhaps lifting clamps or load restraints tied to each of the four corners.

Sometimes loads can be odd shapes, and pieces of lifting equipment such as clamps make the lifting process much easier.

Image credit: O’Brien Installations Limited

#4 Multiple jib cranes

lifting gear images

Here we can see multiple floor-mounted jib cranes in action, and a large overhead crane in the background. The jib cranes, as shown in this picture, can be set at different heights so as not to collide with each other. By being placed at the side, but having long slewing arms, there is a huge amount of space left on the warehouse floor.

Image credit: O’Brien Installations Limited

#5 A winch in action

lifting gear images

Although you can’t quite make out the lifting equipment being used here, it’s a winch that is helping the search and rescue team perform life-saving duties. While we often associate lifting equipment with lifting and lowering tasks, it can be used in a huge number of situations, as shown here.

Image credit: Gareth Davies

#6 Floor jacks

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Another common type of lifting equipment is hydraulic lifting equipment, such as floor jacks. You are perhaps most familiar with this for jacking up cars for repairs, but they are also great for lifting up loads and other pieces of equipment too.

Image credit: Mark Hunter

#7 Rope

lifting gear images

Rope is also an extremely common piece of lifting gear. Less complicated and less mechanical than many of the other products that we sell, it’s simply a piece of rope! That’s not to understate its use however, and you’ll still see it being used in a wide variety of settings.


Here at Lifting Gear Direct we sell fibre rope, which is most often used to secure loads as they are lighter and easier to store than chains.


Image credit: Bernard Spragg. NZ


#8 Rope pulley

lifting gear images

The above image shows a rope pulley, also known as a gin wheel, in action. Just to further cause confusion, they can also be referred to as ginny wheels, pulley wheels and gin blocks. They are most commonly used on construction sites, and as can be seen from the image above, the rope or wire rope is run through the pulley.

This allows one end to be pulled down on, while the other end, which will have a load attached, lifts this load up to the desired height.

Image credit: Les Chatfield

#9 Forklift

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The above image shows a forklift, a common piece of lifting equipment within a warehouse. A forklift works by slotting underneath a load with those two long metal arms you can see on the right, and then raising the load up to the desired height. We don’t sell forklifts at Lifting Gear Direct, but we sell plenty of forklift attachments.

Image credit: Mike Mozart

#10 Height safety equipment

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Our final image shows a safety harness, a crucial piece of height safety equipment. If you are planning on working at heights, make sure that you are protected in the right way.

Image credit: Idaho National Laboratory

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The above shows some of the varied pieces of lifting equipment and uses for it in the industry. If you are looking for more information on lifting gear equipment or have another question that you would like to ask us, please just get in touch with us here.