Lifting slings are yet another efficient and effective piece of lifting gear equipment that helps to offer the industry multiple solutions to multiple problems. Below we examine 5 advantages of working with lifting slings.

1) Lifting slings can handle a range of lifting capacities

One benefit of lifting slings is that they can work with a huge range of load weights. For example, our round slings can lift anything from 1,000kg to 12,000kg. This range of lifting weights means that lifting slings can be used for multiple applications.

Webbing SlingAn example of a lifting sling

All lifting slings, including our own, are designed around an industry standard colour coding system so that you easily know what weights your lifting sling can handle. The system is:

  • 500kg lifting slings – black
  • 1 tonne lifting sling – purple
  • 2 tonne lifting sling – green
  • 3 tonne lifting sling – yellow
  • 4 tonne lifting sling – grey
  • 5 tonne lifting sling – red
  • 6 tonne lifting sling – brown
  • 8 tonne lifting sling – blue
  • 10 tonnes and above – orange


1) Lifting slings offer a lighter alternative

Lifting slings are much lighter than other forms of lifting gear, making them easy to transport and use. Their lightweight and portable nature will mean you can easily move them around the site that you are working with without the need for heavy equipment to do so.

2) Lifting slings are soft and flexible

Not only does their lightweight nature make lifting slings easier to transport and use, but it also means that they are soft and flexible. Again, this makes them much easier to work with, but it also means they are the ideal piece of equipment to use with fragile objects so as not to damage or mark the surface in any way.

3) Lifting slings have a high level of resistance

As with other lifting products such as wire rope, lifting slings can be designed and manufactured in a number of different ways. This means that you can have lifting slings with multiple qualities, such as with weather resistance and so can also handle a range of temperatures from -40 to 90 degrees Celsius. Lifting slings also do not use grease or oil, so not only will these substances not affect the lifting sling, it will also make them much easier to inspect for damage.

4) Lifting slings can be used in multiple ways

A lifting sling can be complete with a vertical, choke or basket hitch, each offering its own unique advantages and set of qualities. This further shows the highly adaptable nature of lifting slings.

Want more information on lifting slings?

Take a look at this guide on safely using slings, or get in contact with us if you would like to know more.




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