Although we’ve heavily populated our site with useful content, we know that sometimes videos can explain things better than words ever could. With that in mind, below we have listed five various YouTube videos on lifting gear equipment.

 #1 Workplace Lifting Safety Training

The above video was put together by ASK-EHS, a safety consultant group that provides training and safety related videos. This video focuses on the safe use of cranes and lifting gear in a workplace.

 While the video itself features cranes on a construction site, many of the tips in this video also apply to any lifting or lowering tasks. Make sure that your worksite is entirely safe before engaging in any lifting or lowering tasks.

#2 Pre-Lift Rigging Inspection

This video provides a lengthy and useful demonstration of the rigging inspections that you should carry out before commencing a lifting task. It looks at verifying the quality of your equipment, the weight of your load, how to get everything ready to lift, and the actual lifting task itself.

lifting gear equipment

Safety needs to be your number on priority when conducting any operations

It is important that you follow as rigorous steps as these yourself before each lifting task, otherwise you could be risking harm to yourself, your load and equipment or those around you.


#3 Exploring Polyester Round Slings

Alongside our offering of lifting equipment such hoists and winches, some of our other most popular forms of lifting equipment are slings. However, they are very different to other pieces of lifting equipment on the market, and so need to be treated in a different way. The video above explains more about polyester slings, how to choose the right one, and how to inspect and using them properly.

 #4 What it looks like when you break a sling?

The video that we’ve shown above is a demonstration of what happens when a sling breaks. While it was done on purpose in this video, the end result shows a very broken looking webbing sling! We have many different types of webbing sling available to our customer, and if you remain within the specified lifting weight limits that we have provided to you for each of the different slings, then this won’t be a problem for you.

 #5 Lifting Safely: Cranes, Chains, Slings & Hoists

The final video above is a great and detailed video that provides all of the information that you need  on lifting safely with cranes, chains, slings and hoists. It contains everything regarding how often you should inspect lifting gear equipment and how you should inspect it, all with detailed video demonstrations. Furthermore, it looks at all the various pieces of lifting equipment; cranes, chains, slings and hoists, making it a one-stop shop video for all  lifting gear equipment. We recommend watching this video before engaging in any lifting or lowering tasks.


Looking for more information about lifting gear equipment?

 We hope that the five YouTube videos provided above are useful in giving you a little more information about lifting gear equipment. However, the world of lifting gear equipment is a huge, so it’s understandable if you have a few more questions! If you want more information on lifting gear equipment, or how Lifting Gear Direct can help you with this, then simply get in contact with us here.



Image credit: cegoh