Just one quick glance over our website will show you that we have a comprehensive range of lifting equipment, material handling and height safety gear available. With hundreds of products in dozens of categories from 42 different brands, including our very own Lifting Gear Direct range, it’s safe to say that these pieces have a fair amount of applications and uses!

Interested to know more? Read on below for just a small snapshot of some of these uses across 10 different key industry users.

Shipping containers and docks

The shipping industry is one of the largest users. Ships and marine boats aside, there is plenty of need for this equipment in the dockyard alone. You’ll no doubt be familiar with what a shipyard looks like; a huge space dominated by heavy-looking shipping containers.

Lifting equipment, such as overhead cranes, as well as various hoisting equipment, is the key component that helps to move these containers around the dockyard safely, reliably and efficiently.

Construction industry

The construction industry is arguably the biggest user of lifting equipment around the world. As construction covers such a broad spectrum of projects, from small one-man jobs to huge, multi-million pound deals, this equipment is being used all over the world every single day in some kind of construction function.

lifting equipment

The construction industry

Their primary use is to act as the tool for the lifting and lowering of heavy loads, be it construction tools, or construction materials such as brick and cement. Beam clamps also play an extensive role, coming into use with the construction beams used in the industry.


It’s not just large, industrial sectors that make use of lifting equipment; individuals or small businesses have need for them too. Whether you run a small-scale garage business, such as an automotive workshop, or you just have a garage for your own help, it’s likely that the gear we stock will help.

Floor cranes are the most common type of equipment used in these spaces. Also referred to as ‘workshop cranes’ as they are a staple part of workshops, which is also what a garage can be referred to as! Wire rope is also used as the lifting medium to open and close many types of garage door.

Food & brewery

Whether we know it or not, we all have need for lifting equipment. Not only does it help to construct the buildings we live in as we’ve seen above, but it also helps to put the food that we eat and the drinks that we rehydrate with on our tables too!

The food and brewery industry

The food and brewery industry

Lifting equipment is mainly used in this industry on the production line, lifting various loads and items to help the food and drinks to be processed quicker. It also helps to get these items onto the delivery trucks ready for transport.

Power & energy

The use of by the power and energy sectors has remained largely the same over the last few decades. Firstly, it is used in the construction industry for power and energy by lifting heavy items such as steam turbines and generators into place that help to deliver us power and energy.

But it is also used to provide us power in other ways, such as in the mining industry to help lift up coal to the surface, using cranes and wire rope.


The way in which lifting equipment is used in the manufacturing industry is much the same way in which it’s used in the food & brewery industry that we’ve covered above. It is a key component in the production lines, and the manufacturing industry obviously affects almost every single industry in the world in some way.

With this in mind, the manufacturing industry is arguably the most important industry in the world, and lifting equipment sits at the heart of it.


Warehouses can stock any number of items, with some small-spaced warehouses to huge, industrial sized warehouses that hold hundreds of thousands of items. These items can be extremely heavy and stacked extremely high – far too heavy and high for a simple human being to handle.

What’s the perfect answer? Lifting equipment of course. With cranes, hoisting equipment, lifting slings, forklifts and various pieces of height safety equipment playing a role, there is much equipment being used in this industry.

Water and waste

Maintenance is a regular and almost daily occurrence in the water and waste industry, and is crucial to ensure the smooth running of these key processes. Overhead cranes have commonly been used for this, but with their fixed nature being a problem in some plants, gantry cranes, particularly aluminium gantry cranes, have begun to see increased use in this industry.


The engineering industry bears many similarities to the construction industry in that it involves the completion of construction projects. The difference is that engineering also involves all of the innovation, design, and research that goes into the project too.

But, with so much overlap, this industry makes use of lifting equipment in many of the same ways that we covered in the construction section above; namely the lifting and lowering of heavy loads and tools.

lifting equipment

The engineering industry

However, some pieces, such as wire rope, are also used for structural integrity too, being used inside buildings to help make them more stable.


One final industry where lifting equipment is used is in shipyards. We’ve already covered how it’s used for shipping containers and in the dockyard itself, but it also plays a crucial role in the building and maintenance of ships too.

It goes without saying that ships are incredibly heavy, and only cranes, and the equipment used with them, can handle the weight of the loads used in this industry.

Ready for your own piece of lifting equipment?

As you can see from the above, lifting equipment has a huge range of uses and applications. If you want to discuss some of these uses further, or perhaps you want to know how this gear can help your industry, we’d be happy to help. You can find our contact details here.



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