Forklifts are popular pieces of material handling equipment often found on many worksites around the world. Ideal for lifting and moving heavy weights, they take a great deal of strain and pressure off of individual workers.

While we don’t manufacture or stock forklifts ourselves, there are a number of ways that the efficiency and productivity of this gear can be improved through forklift attachments. Please find out more about this below.

What are forklifts?

Interested to learn more about forklifts? We’ve provided some brief information here. They go by several names, but all work in the same way; as industrial trucks that lift and move objects and materials over small distances. They are not designed to be used for long distance transportation.


An example of a forklift

If operating a forklift within your own workplace, then you will be subject to a number of rules, regulations and safety guidelines. Find out more on this by following the ‘Lift trucks – Vehicles at work – HSE’ guide.

Forklift attachments

Looking to boost the function of your equipment? We have everything that you need!


These extensions are designed for operations where you may need to lift or move wider or longer objects. If you attempt to move this without using an extension, you may find that your truck quickly becomes unstable, which can have nasty and unpredictable consequences.

These extensions therefore act as a balance by sliding onto the forks on your truck, helping to lock it into place. We currently have two extensions available:

- Contact AFFA Wide Load Stabiliser (lifting capacity up to 3000Kg)

- Contact FFA Wide Load Supports (lifting capacity up to 5000Kg)


These innovative attachments help provide users with a more unsurprising use; the ability to lift and lower underneath a forklift! Being a lifting gear supplier, we simply couldn’t help ourselves, and this will turn your truck into a small crane.

This equipment is easy to fit, working by simply sliding the attachments onto the forks, then locking them in to the pin or screws on your truck (depending what type you have).

With this gear, you’ll find a steel beam, fork sleeves, a shackle, a large suspension hook, and a safety locking catch. At the time of writing, we have two models on offer for you:

- Contact FMH Hook Attachment (fixed reach) – lifting capacity up to 5000Kg

- Contact FMHA Hook Attachment (adjustable reach) – lifting capacity up to 5000Kg

Forklift extensions

Some of our forklift extensions

Jib arms

Much like the above, these jib arms will also help to turn your truck into a small crane. They mount safely onto the forks of your truck, and allow you to lift from underneath. They also provide a much greater reach than using the forks alone allows.

We have a wide range of products in this category available, please follow the link above for more information.

Tipping skips

These tipping skips are small and handy skips that will help to keep your worksite clean and free of debris. By fitting easily onto your truck, they also allow for the swift removal of said waste.

Again, we have a range of these products on offer, please follow the above link to view all of our current stock.

Find out more from us today

Want to hear more about our range of attachments? Or perhaps you need advice in sourcing a suitable forklift for your operation? We would be more than happy to assist you in any way that we can. Please find our full list of contact details here.



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