As the name may suggest, a scaffolding hoist is a piece of lifting equipment which allows for the hoisting up, or lowering of, a load on a scaffolding structure. This has a huge number of benefits for those within the construction industry. Below we examine these benefits of using a scaffolding hoist.

Scaffolding hoists save time and increase efficiency

Perhaps the largest benefit of using a scaffolding hoist is that they greatly reduce the amount of time that needs to be spent on shifting materials, tools, and equipment around a construction site.

Without a scaffolding hoist, one would need to move the above items around through heavy lifting or dragging, which is not only time consuming, but also places greater strain upon the worker. Scaffolding hoists, therefore, greatly increase the efficiency levels on a worksite.

scaffolding hoist

An example of a scaffolding hoist

Scaffolding hoists can handle heavy loads

Another huge benefit of using a scaffolding hoist is that they are designed to handle heavy loads, much more than any construction worker could lift themselves. For example, our HE 235 Scaffold Hoist is able to lift up to 200Kgs. Some scaffolding hoists can even lift up to 800Kgs. They are designed to lift quickly, efficiently and are designed for the easy movement of heavy loads. Alongside this, they are designed for high-performance and low-maintenance, making them the perfect solution for many construction sites.

Scaffolding hoists are electrically powered

Scaffolding hoists, such as our range from IMER, are electrically powered, which means that the manual work that is required from users is dramatically reduced. This is clearly a huge benefit because while workers will naturally tire throughout the day, your electrically powered scaffolding hoist can operate with the same efficiency whether it is at the beginning or the end of a day.

Scaffold hoists are easily powered

Although some may argue that having to rely on a source of electricity to use a scaffolding hoist could be a downside, they are incredibly easy to power. The majority of scaffolding hoists are powered using 230v or 110v power supplies, which are commonly found on all construction sites.

Are you planning to use a scaffolding hoist?

If you are looking to use a scaffolding hoist on your construction site, then make sure that you refer to the Scaffolding and Hoists Safety Guidance: SG24:14 from the NASC, which looks at safe working with scaffolding hoists, and any hazards that may be related to their use.

Want to know more about scaffolding hoists?

We have a large range of scaffolding hoists on sale, as well as gantry hoists, winches, and other various accessories. If you need assistance in finding the best product for your application, one of our team would be more than happy to help.