Under the category winches, you will find a product we stock known as cable pullers. To provide you with more information on this handy piece of equipment, we’ve laid out some details on the cable pullers that you can purchase from us here at Lifting Gear Direct.

What is a cable puller?

First, let’s start with the basics; what actually is a cable puller? Cable pullers, as you may have guessed, help with the pulling of cable. Said cable is run through the cable puller, which acts as a centralised control point for the moving of the cable.

It can be tough to pull cables, especially if you are dealing with heavy loads, and a cable puller, which can be both manually and electrically operated, makes this job much easier. Cable pullers come with overload protection devices, braking systems, and have both forward and reverse levers.

cable puller

An example of a cable puller we sell here at Lifting Gear Direct

Some cable pullers even come with optional extras, such as eye sling hooks, drum reels or storage boxes. You will find that cable pullers are compact devices, making them easy to transport and move around worksites. Despite their small and compact nature, they are robust, powerful and highly reliable.

Using a cable puller

There are a few ways to use a cable puller, but we’ve outlined the main usage here. First, you’ll need to attach the cable puller to the two points from which you would like to run cable through. Most cable pullers generally come with hooks attached on the end, making this an easy job, but you can purchase additional extras.

To begin pulling the load, you either crank the lever or release the cable, depending on the type of cable puller that you have. Once your load has reached its desired destination, you will either stop cranking the lever, or engage the stop lever. Make sure that your load is securely fastened and safe, and then you can disengage the cable puller.

What cable pullers do we stock at Lifting Gear Direct?

As with many of the pieces of equipment that we stock here at Lifting Gear Direct, we have chosen to go with reliable and well-known equipment manufacturers so that we can offer the highest quality products to our customers.

We stock cable pullers from Yaletrac and Tirfor, two household names when it comes to those in the lifting equipment industry. However, we also stock a range of other cable pullers which we have imported from around the globe, to offer a more economic, yet still high quality, selection of products to our customers. Please find our contact details below if you want to find out more about which product would be best for you.

Ready to talk about cable pullers?

We hope that the above section has provided you with all of the information that you need regarding cable pullers, but if you have further questions, then we would be more than happy to help.

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