In this article, we will explain everything that you need to know about crane scales; one of the simplest, yet beneficial, pieces of lifting equipment to dozens of industries around the world.

What is a crane scale?

If you’ve been keeping up with the articles on our blog, then you’ll know that we talk about the safe working loads (SWL) and maximum breaking loads (MBL) of pieces of lifting equipment a lot. To keep it short, all lifting gear will have two limits. The MBL is the maximum that piece of gear can handle before breaking, while the SWL is a number much lower than this, set by the gear’s manufacturer after careful testing.

While we’ve talked about these two limits at length on the blog, and we’ve clearly laid out what these limits are for the different pieces of lifting equipment, we haven’t previously covered in-depth the way of testing the weight of your load. A Crane scale is perfect for this.

Crane scales, quite simply, are pieces of equipment that can be hooked onto your crane, and give you an exact reading of the weight of a static load. The more modern versions of crane scales have easy-to-read LCD displays, meaning there can be no confusion as to the weight of your load.

crane scales

It’s important that you sufficiently test the weight of your load

You will also find that these more modern versions of a crane scale are also built to withstand tougher conditions, particularly useful given the fact that you will often see this type of lifting equipment being used in industrial settings such as factories and plants.

We stock a variety of crane scales here at Lifting Gear Direct, all with different pieces of lifting apparatus, measurements, load limits and more.

Why is it important to use crane scales?

It’s just as important to know the weight of your load as it is to know how much weight your crane can handle. This will make the planning for your operations much easier, and will ensure that you keep all of those in the area, including your equipment, protected from any unexpected and unnecessary accidents.

This forms just part of the regulations when it comes to the lifting gear industry, and you can find the full guidelines under the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER).

What are some of the benefits of a crane scale?

Depending on the crane scale that you choose, you’ll find that it will come with a range of benefits. These are just some of the many advantages that you can be offered by purchasing a crane scale:

- Backlit display for easy reading

- Waterproofing or designed for harsh environments

- Remote control so that lifting and lowering can be done at a safe distance

- Accurate readings

- Small and compact design

- Configurable modes

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