Minifor hoists are a brand of hoist manufactured by well-known suppliers Tractel, for whom we stock a range of products. Tractel have a long history dating back to 1941, and have since grown to become associated with innovative and respectable products. We have covered just one of these reliable products, the Minifor hoists, below in looking at the do’s and don’ts when working with this equipment.

Do take your time to shop around the Minifor Hoists range

Take your time to research the Minifor range, and later familiarise yourself with the product once you have purchased. Each product in the range has a unique benefit or quality, and it’s important that you pick the one that will be most beneficial to your business and your operation.

This means don’t rush into any hasty buying decision as it could be costly for your business!

Do make use of the safety features

All of the Minifor hoists that we stock come with an emergency stop button as standard, as well as a button control box implemented. If, at any point, something unplanned happens during your operation, be sure to use the emergency stop button. We can also install radio control as an optional extra, so think carefully about how the safety features that you want your Minifor hoist to have.

Don’t ever take safety for granted; these features are in place for a reason!

minifor hoists

Safety should always be your highest priority

Do check the limits of your Minifor hoist

As with all of our lifting equipment, each of our Minifor hoists has a different lifting capacity. For example, the Minifor TR10 has a working load limit of 100Kg, while the Minifor TR30 has a working load limit of 300Kg.

Hoists also have various lifting speeds too, and it’s important that you check these before use. The TR10 has a lifting speed of 15 metres per minute, while the TR30 is much less at 5 metres per minute.

Don’t ever exceed the limits that have come with a hoist; these limits are set in place after careful testing by a manufacturer and must be stuck to!

Do regularly inspect and test your Minifor hoist

Even though Minifor hoists are created by world-class manufacturers Tractel, it’s still important to regularly inspect and test your gear for any irregularities or faults. We recommend you carry out a pre-use check each time you want to use it, and a full, professional inspection at least every six months.

Don’t avoid doing this, all equipment naturally degrades overtime and it’s important that you keep it in tiptop working order!

Ready to buy your very own Minifor hoist?

If you like what you see when it comes to Minifor hoists and think that this might be the piece of equipment for you, then we’re ready to help you bring back a new member of your operation.

To discuss things further with one of our team, please either call us on 01384 76961 or get in contact with us here.



Image credit: Jonathan Warner