Eyebolts and swivel eyebolts are another two pieces of lifting accessories that we offer here at Lifting Gear Direct. These lifting accessories compliment other lifting products, commonly being attached to the end of equipment such as wire rope or chain slings or attached to loads themselves.

Each lifting accessory that we stock is useful in different situations and for varying applications. We have explained more on eyebolts and swivel eye bolts below.

What is an eyebolt?

Eyebolts are some of the most commonly used forms of lifting accessories on the market today. Eyebolts are round eyes, like that eye of a needle, attached to bolts which can be screwed into a surface. An eyebolt can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are screwed into loads to allow for the safe transportation, handling and manipulation of said load. This is done by giving pieces of lifting equipment, such as chain slings, somewhere to attach to.


An example of eyebolts

What are the benefits of an eyebolt?

One of the biggest benefits that eyebolts provide are that they are strong and sturdy, and you can safely rely on your lifting task to be completed efficiently when they are used. And, as they come complete in different shapes and sizes, they can be used in many different ways.

Our eyebolts can also be fully galvanised for hostile or outdoor environments, meaning you can keep them protected no matter the weather!

What is a swivel eyebolt?

Swivel eyebolts are similar to eyebolts, with the key difference being that they can rotate a full 360 degrees with no risk of them coming loose. We source and supply our swivel eyebolts from reliable and well-known manufacturers such as Yoke, Rud, and Gunnebo.


What are the benefits of a swivel eyebolt?

Because swivel eyebolts can fully rotate around at 360 degrees, they can be utilised at a range of different angles and positions. This allows for you to lift awkward shaped loads or loads in tighter spaces. As with the eyebolts above, they come in a range of shapes, sizes, lifting weights, torque, dimensions, and can be fully galvanised, making them extremely versatile and adaptable pieces of lifting equipment.


What kind of eyebolts and swivel eye bolts do Lifting Gear Direct offer?

Here at Lifting Gear Direct we stock a large range of eyebolts and swivel eyebolts, with six different kinds of eyebolts and 29 different types of swivel eyebolts.


Eyebolts and swivel eyebolts can be securely fastened to the load that they are working with

As we mentioned previously, we can manufacture or source these eyebolts and swivel eyebolts for you in a range of different shapes, sizes and finishes, so be sure to let us know a bit more about what you need with our rapid enquiry form.

Our eyebolts and swivel eyebolts have a range of safe working loads, from 0.10 tonnes to 33.6 tonnes depending on the equipment used and how many you are using. As above, be sure to get in contact with us so we can discuss which is the right type of lifting equipment for you.

What safety factors do I need to consider when using an eyebolt or swivel eyebolt?

With any products or pieces of equipment that we manufacture ourselves or source elsewhere, we are always careful to ensure that they are of the highest quality possible. We test and inspect each piece of equipment ourselves so that we can guarantee its safety. However, you must still be careful when conducing any lifting or lowering task. We recommend regularly inspecting all of your equipment, before each lifting task if possible, and never lifting more than the safe working load of the equipment.

If you need help with inspecting your lifting equipment, then Lifting Gear Direct provides this as an additional after-service.


Want to know more about eyebolts and swivel eyebolts?

If you have more questions that needed answering about our eyebolts or swivel eyebolts, or want to know more about our other stock of lifting equipment, then we are on hand to help! Simply give us a call on 01384 76961 or contact us here.



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