Many operations within the lifting gear industry will involve workers working at height. While lifting equipment will ease as much of this burden as possible, sometimes it is simply unavoidable to have your own employees work above the ground.

A range of height safety equipment has been specially designed to ensure that all workers remain protected while operating under these conditions. You can read more on our kits below.

The importance of safety when working at heights

Injuries in the workplace remain common throughout the UK. In fact, 621,000 workers suffered non-fatal injuries due to some kind of work activity in 2016. Furthermore, there were unfortunately 144 fatalities.

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It’s crucial that you think about safety when your workers will be operating above ground

Of these 144, 37 were due to falling from height. This represents just over a quarter of all workplace fatalities in 2016, so is clearly an area that requires a particular level of concern. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the greatest number of these comes from the construction sector, with 18 fatalities.

What some people may not realise is that you don’t have to be extremely high off the ground to be working at height; you could just be operating on a ladder. The Health and Safety Executive, in their Working at height guide, detail what it means to be operating in these conditions:

-          If you are working on a ladder or a flat roof

-          If it is possible that you could fall through a fragile surface

-          If it is possible that you could fall through a hole or opening in the ground

Protecting yourself with the right equipment

So, what equipment can you use to help protect you from conditions such as these? We have a number of pieces of height safety equipment available, as well as specially designed height safety kits that are fully prepared for you. This means that you can spend less time worrying about what the right equipment might be for you, and more time focusing on your job at hand.

In total we have 24 different kits available, in 4 variants, and each one comes with multiple items designed to protect your workers while they work. Some come with safety harnesses and sit straps, while others have additional items such as rope, bags, protective sleeves and door bars.

The kit that is right for you will entirely depend on the operation that you need to complete. The best way to find out more about exactly what type of equipment it is that you’ll need is by speaking to one of our expert height safety team. You can find our contact details at the bottom of this page.

We also have a number of other pieces of height safety equipment available, such as safety access platforms, karabiners, belts, hooks and accessories.

Want to know more about our height safety kits?

To find out more about our height safety kits, and whether you need any additional pieces of equipment, please get in contact with us here.


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