Beam clamps are high-strength items which are designed to be used in the lifting and lowering of heavy items by offering safe anchor points to any beam which they are clamped on to.

Selecting the right beam clamps to use:

Before you begin using a beam clamp, it is important that you select the most appropriate one for your task at hand as, as with much lifting gear and lifting equipment, each has its own unique set of qualities.

We stock a range of beam clamps, all of which are from well-known brand leaders. They come in different shapes and sizes, can handle different load weights and can all fit onto different beam widths. Consider the width of your beam and the weight of the load that you need to lift before selecting your beam clamp.

beam clamps

Things to consider when using a beam clamp

You should always consider the below factors when using a beam clamp:

• As with all lifting gear and equipment, beam clamps can suffer if not stored in the appropriate environment
• Again, as we recommend with all of the lifting gear and equipment that we provide, inspect your beam clamp before each and every use
• Make sure that the beam clamp you use is able to sufficiently handle the load that will be lifted
• When using the clamp, have it placed over the direct centre of gravity of the load that you are lifting
• Always check that the beam clamp that you are using is the correct size for the beam you will be fitting it to

The following factors should always be avoided when using beam clamps:

• Never use a beam clamp which has been uncertified
• Do not replace parts of a beam clamp, such as bolts, without first consulting us at Lifting Gear Direct Ltd
• Never use a beam clamp that is visibly worn or damaged

Need more information on beam clamps?

At Lifting Gear Direct Ltd we stock beam clamps from eight different suppliers, and so we understand that it may be hard deciding which is the best one for you. If you would like more information on our range of beam clamps, then please give us a call or fill out our contact form here.


Many of the recommendations above on how to safely use adjustable beam clamps follow advice that is provided by the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association.