Lever hoists are simple and yet effective pieces of lifting equipment that make for an ideal solution within a workplace where other pieces of lifting equipment, such as jib cranes or hydraulic jacks, are not quite as effective or useful. This article examines lever hoists in more detail, and why they make for a cost-effective lifting technique in the workplace.

Lever hoists do not require the use of electricity

Unlike other pieces of lifting equipment, such as electric chain hoists, lever hoists do not require electricity to operate, which has two primary benefits. Firstly, the lever hoist will not be regularly using electricity, which is, of course, another cost that becomes part of a business’ overheads. While the cost may be small, every little can help! Secondly, sometimes you may be working in an area where there is no source of electricity, and so a lever hoist is the only pragmatic solution.

Lever hoists are simply controlled through a lever on the side which manages an internal system of brakes, chains, and gears. Simply move the lever up or down to change the direction that the chain travels in.

lever hoists

Lever hoists are mobile and versatile

Lever hoists themselves are light pieces of lifting equipment, and so can be easily moved around a worksite, or even between multiple worksites. This, combined with the fact that they do not need to rely on a power source, makes them extremely pragmatic.

Alongside this, unlike other pieces of lifting equipment like chain blocks or chain hoists, lever hoists can lift both horizontally as well as vertically. Many pieces of lifting gear can only lift vertically, and so this is a huge benefit for a workplace, and as it can move in both directions, it provides the cost-effective solution of allowing for two approaches using one piece.

Lever hoists come in multiple styles and designs

There are multiple types of lever hoists, and while all are designed with safety as a primary feature, they are all manufactured with different lifting loads and work environments in mind. You can view our full range of lever hoists here, and each will have its own product specifications listed.

More information on the right type of lifting equipment for you

We stock and supply dozens of different types of lifting gear and lifting equipment at Lifting Gear Direct Ltd. If you are unsure whether a lever hoist is the right type of equipment for the application that you wish you subject it to, please get in touch with us here.

Image Credit: Ed Fendell