Engineering is a broad industry, and has relations to many of the industries that we work in, such as construction and manufacturing. It involves the use of maths and science to create, invent, design, research, adapt or build items, machines, structures, products, solutions and more. In short, it does everything with helping to put roofs over our heads to giving us the transport we need to get around, and everything in between. The engineering industry The engineering industry While other industries will focus on one particular thing, say construction focusing on the construction of a building, the engineering behind is involved in everything from the start to the finish of the project. This makes it a crucial industry, and one for which lifting equipment plays a huge role.

The engineering industry

There are four main branches of engineering, known as the “Big Four”. These are chemical, civil, electrical, and mechanical. However, aside from these, there are dozens of other sectors that the engineering industry includes. Some of these are: - Mining - Power and energy - Manufacturing - Corrosion - Automotive - Aerospace - Computer - Food and brewery - Agricultural - Audio - Software - Marine This list is by no means exhaustive, and as you can see, engineering involves many different branches! With this, it is estimated that this industry contributes roughly one quarter of all of the UK’s turnover, and employs around 5.4 million people. Many of the industries above are huge industries in their own right, and continue to grow and expand around the world. This naturally leads to a greater demand in the engineering sector. Lifting equipment plays a vital role in so many of these different areas, meaning it also plays a vital role in engineering too. We’ve listed just some of these many, many applications below.

How is lifting equipment used in this industry?

There are too many applications to list in one article, but these give you a small snapshot of the capabilities of lifting equipment, and how it has transformed the engineering sector.

On the production lines

Industries like the manufacturing industry make heavy use of this equipment, mostly on the production lines to have items moving around efficiently.

Lifting and lowering

Lifting and lowering is a core process in many industries, and equipment helps with the heavy lifting that humans simply can’t handle.

Internal structuring

Part of the engineering industry involves structural design, support or upgrading, and lifting equipment helps with this. For example, wire rope is often used as internal structuring in buildings. It is also used in other internal parts, such as in aircraft to help the pedals in the cockpit operate.

High-pressured environments

Wire rope has another usage, in that it is able to withstand high-pressured environments. For example, it is used for deep-sea cabling.

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While we only listed a few uses above, we chose a variety to show you how lifting equipment is used in so many different stages of different processes. If you would like to find out more, please contact us here.

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