Although we typically associate lifting equipment with large industrial sectors such as the construction industry, there are plenty of items and pieces that help smaller businesses and individuals on a daily basis. One such way is with garages, and we’ve covered this in more detail below.

What is the garage industry?

The term ‘garages’ can have more than one definition, applying to the small spaces next to our homes that we use to park our cars in, to larger workshops where functions such as car repairs are carried out. Although we typically associate garages as being small-scale, the car repair industry in itself is huge, with the IBISWorld’s Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Repair market report stating an annual revenue amount of £24 billion. This is probably the most common type of business that we associate with garages, but there are dozens, if not hundreds, of other businesses that can operate out of garages. Perhaps a laundry service, a small veterinary centre, a vintage clothes store, or a fitness studio. And let’s not forget that Apple, the world’s richest company, started in a garage too!Garages Garages can be used for many purposes This is not to forget individuals as we mentioned above, who may use it to park their car, store house items, or even operate out of by using it as a converted office or lounge area. Many of these businesses won’t have huge uses for lifting equipment, although they still play a part in what is deemed a garage. We’ve explained how below.

How is lifting equipment used in garages?

Our equipment helps at the very foundation level of what forms a garage. Many of our garage doors, which we rely on to open and close easily, as well as remaining firmly in place when opened, are done so using wire rope. Another popular use for garages is for home-gyms, or even small business-run gyms, and wire rope is also the key component that allows for the lifting and lowering of weights. For businesses that use garages as workshops, such as the vehicle repair workshops that we examined earlier, they have a greater and further use for lifting equipment. The most common piece of lifting equipment used are floor cranes, which have become such a key part of workshops that they are now also referred to as ‘workshop cranes’. As they are so often used to lift engines out of cars too, you may also see them being called ‘engine cranes’. You’ll also find a range of material handling equipment being used in garages to assist lifting and lowering operations, such as pallet trucks or scissor lift tables.

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