The power and energy sector is one of the most crucial to modern society, having an effect on almost every other industry around the world in some way. By powering everything from the manufacturing plants that we rely on for our products, down to our own homes, it’s importance as an industry has risen over the years.

Lifting equipment has many applications, including playing a large role in the power and energy industry in more ways than one, and we have covered more on this below.

The power and energy sector

Electricity has become the quickest growing form of end-use energy consumption around the world, and demand only keeps rising. It is predicted that by 2040, we’ll have seen a 69% increase in electricity consumption from 2016.

Power and energy comes from a number of different sources, such as:

- Natural gas

- Electricity

- Propane

- Coal

- Fuel oil

With this, it is to power millions of different items, objects and industries every single day. The heaviest usage for energy is typically found in the petroleum refining, chemical, paper and metal industries.

power and energy

There’s heavy use of equipment in this sector

It’s important to note that power and energy are not the same thing. Energy refers to the capability to do something. For example, energy is what is used to heat up your home. Power, on the other hand, refers to the rate of energy per a specific amount of time. Power, therefore, is the capacity of energy which is being used.

Regardless of this, the source remains the same, and lifting equipment is used heavily in this industry to deliver both power and energy to individuals and businesses around the world.

The use of lifting equipment in this industry

The way in which equipment is used in this sector has stayed more-or-less the same over the past few decades. As touched upon earlier, the power and energy sector has crossovers with many other industries around the world, and one of these is the construction sector. Buildings, whether large or small, often need to be fitted with items such as steam turbines, generators, boilers or heaters, and cranes and hoists are often employed to do the heavy lifting.

Cranes are also sometimes permanent fixtures in environments such as hydropower installations, as there is a need for frequent heavy lifting in these areas. For this reason, gantry cranes often find themselves stretching across the halls in many power plants.

The mining industry is also an important industry in its own right, and has close links with the power and energy sectors. Here, lifting equipment is used for tasks such as lifting coal or ore up to the surface from deep underground using cranes and wire rope; something humans couldn’t do without.

What other industries is this equipment used in?

Lifting equipment has developed to become one of the most widely used in the world, playing a part in dozens of industries including energy and waste, construction, engineering and warehousing. If you want to find out more about how we can help your own industry, please get in contact with us here.



Image credit: Burak Kebapci