Lifting Gear Inspections – Why? What If You Don’t?

With the current standards of health and safety in the modern world, it is no wonder that for quite some years now that any and all types of equipment used for lifting purposes MUST be inspected at regular intervals by a qualified person, and test certification should be kept on file to prove your equipment is regularly inspected and deemed safe to use, these documents will be required in the event of an accident, or should health and safety come calling, often unannounced.

In effect you are protecting not only your workers, but also the business itself; accidents, claims and incorrect documentation can be costly. To make it clear, let’s say a worker is injured as a result of a piece of lifting equipment breaking down/failing; this in itself is a horrible situation, not only do you have an injured worker, who could potentially put in a claim (as is the culture these days) but will also incur costs of repairing or replacing the equipment; imagine how much more serious this could become, both legally and cost wise if you do not have the correct test and inspection documentation.

It is stated that all lifting accessories should be inspected on a half yearly (6 monthly) basis and lifting equipment at least once every year (12 monthly).

To clarify the difference, lifting equipment pertains to: any equipment or device that is used to lift, lower or move any load, this also includes all attachments and fittings which are used for anchoring, fixing or supporting it. Therefore this will include: Jib cranes, Mobile gantries, and all types of hoisting devices etc.

Lifting accessories pertains to: all work equipment used for attaching loads to devices for lifting, this will include slings, shackles and hooks etc.

To make your life easier, we are now operating a new lifting gear inspections system whereby as soon as you book in your 1st inspection with us, or purchase new equipment, we will put you into our system, so that each 6 or 12 months we are alerted, and we will contact you to let you know your inspections are due, so you can book in at your convenience; this will give you the peace of mind that your equipment will be inspected at the recommended intervals and your paper work will always be up to date, covering you from each angle!