This article examines the usage of lifting gear products versus manpower.

There are countless reasons why the use of lifting equipment greatly outweighs the use of manpower alone in relation to lifting great, weighty and awkward objects, almost certainly the most significant reason is the safety factors which can affect any personnel who pick up any load, large or small, or even if they merely work within an area where loads are lifted. This is for the reason that all companies must supply a safe working environment for their workforce by law , and in today's current environment where suing claims are high it is going to be a serious matter for all employers to make sure that everything possible is done to safeguard employees and thus themselves.

Using Lifting gear devices for lifting and manoeuvring purposes present numerous benefits with regards to safety issues instead of manpower. Everyone knows that lifting even the tiniest, lightest load may cause injuries if not lifted properly, back and neck injuries are the most widespread. A lifting gear device if utilised in the proper manner will eliminate nearly all risk of injury caused by incorrect lifting, because the device will bear the weight of the load, a good piece of lifting equipment will also offer a safe and secure hold on the load and so remove the possible dropping of the object causing serious damage, that regularly takes place when manpower alone is used.

One of the other questions often raised is the cost of buying lifting gear devices Vs hiring additional manpower. An employee will incur expenses of their basic wages and perhaps pension contributions etc. A lifting device will have the purchasing cost as well as potential running and repair costs, which tend to be minimal based on the kind of lifting device chosen, nevertheless other considerations need to be taken into consideration; what if the worker is ill, maybe long term; this will incur costs of sick pay and also losing that persons manpower whilst they are not working, giving you less productivity, and so costing even more money as a result of deadlines not being met or needing to employ extra staff. Imagine if the employee suffers an injury, lifting at work, not only will you incur the costs mentioned above there is also the possibility of a claim against you for insufficient safety, these payouts can be huge. Can you afford the risk?

A probable understated fact which makes the use of a lifting device more beneficial is the fact that they can lift extremely heavy objects, ones which a person or persons would never have the ability to lift independently.

Manpower does boast one key advantage over the use of a lifting gear device, this is their diversity, individuals can usually perform many different tasks whilst a lifting device might be more limited. However this benefit will hugely depend on the task or tasks which are required as well as the lifting device chosen.

In conclusion it would appear that in general, because of the safety implications a properly utilised piece of lifting equipment will outweigh manpower alone.