We sell a number of cranes, gantry systems and lifting equipment here at Lifting Gear Direct, all suitable for lifting loads up and down. But what about when you need to move a load around a worksite or warehouse? Below we have written more on the load moving equipment that we stock to help you move goods, equipment and materials.

What is load moving equipment?

Load moving equipment, as its name suggests, is simply equipment that is able to move loads. Many of the goods, equipment and materials that you will want to move won’t be designed for easy moving, and so it’s unlikely that they’ll have wheels attached to the bottom. To ease the strain on workers and avoid them having to place added stress on themselves, particularly their backs, through heavy lifting, a number of pieces of load moving equipment have been designed.

Load moving equipment has been created with heavy equipment in mind, and can lift up to 100 tonnes in weight. This is a hell of a lot more than any human can manage!

What load moving equipment do we stock at Lifting Gear Direct?

Here at Lifting Gear Direct, we stock a range of load moving equipment to help suit different tasks and situations. You can read more on the various types of load moving equipment that we stock below:

Load moving stakes

Load moving stakes is a broad title that covers a range of load moving equipment. However, that being said, load moving stakes are all generally based around the same concept, which has its history rooted back in ancient times! This is the concept of using logs to roll a heavy load to the desired position.

Of course, we’ve moved on from this form somewhat since then, and while the concept remains the same, no wooden logs are needed! Furthermore, only one or two people are needed to operate this machinery, as opposed to the huge numbers of people that were needed in ancient times.

Pallet trucks

Pallet trucks are designed for moving loads which are placed on top of a pallet; a wooden transport structure. We have several types of pallet truck, but all perform the same function of having long metal arms that fit nicely inside a pallet.

load moving equipment

The above is what a pallet looks like

Scissor lift tables

Scissor lift tables are exactly as described; table-like structures which can move up and down like a lift using hydraulic scissor arms. They allow for an easy way to move loads up and down, and also have wheels on the bottom so can be easily moved around a worksite. Scissor lift tables are great for reducing the risk of repetitive strain injury; an injury that is commonly associated with repeated loading and lifting.

Find out more about load moving equipment

We stock high quality, well manufactured load moving equipment from several reputable brands. If you want to find out more information about load moving equipment, please get in contact with us here.



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