Pallet trucks are simple, yet highly effective, pieces of material handling equipment. Their simple design makes them easy to use, and also means that they are a cost-effective solution for moving heavy loads around an environment.

Below we have laid out some safety tips and advice for pallet trucks.

What are pallet trucks?

Pallet trucks consist of two, long steel forks on wheels, that are attached to a lifting mechanism at the back. The two long forks slide into the gaps in a wooden pallet, and the lifting mechanism allows you to lift and lower the load with ease.

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Using pallet trucks safely

While the simple design of pallet trucks may mean that it seems easy to operate them, it still takes a little understanding and skill to use them safely and effectively. Here are some essential safety tips you must follow when using a pallet truck:

Use pallet trucks on flat surfaces

As pallet trucks have wheels attached to the bottom, they’ll be hard to push up ramps and will roll down if used on a slope! A pallet truck is being used to lift a load that is most likely too heavy for you to lift by yourself, so there’s simply no way you’ll be able to stop it rolling down a slope!

pallet trucks

Here you can see a pallet truck

Centre the load with your pallet truck

As with any piece of lifting equipment, it’s important that you centre the load you are lifting so that you even the balance properly. This helps to prevent any unnecessary swinging, tipping or falling.

Don’t overload the pallet truck

Also as with other pieces of lifting equipment, pallet trucks can only handle a certain level of weight. Don’t overload the pallet truck; always lift within its means and have patience with any lifting operation.

Use both forks of the pallet truck

The pallet truck has two forks for a reason! It’s important that you use both of them to lift a load, as the pallet truck has been designed to lift in this way.

Pull the pallet truck rather than push

Although it’s not absolutely essential that you pull the pallet truck, you will be granted a much greater level of manoeuvrability if you operate it in this way.

Storing your pallet truck safely

To store your pallet truck safely so that it doesn’t cause any harm, it’s important to make sure that you have lowered the two forks after use, and the handle is kept in an upright position so as not to cause a tripping hazard.

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