Having worked within the lifting and lowering industry for so many years, we’ve worked with a huge range of clients for a whole host of different applications and functions. This has meant that we’ve seen clients needing to fulfil industrial sized needs, and clients who need the completely opposite; to complete a lifting and lowering task in a small, confined space.

Have an operation that you need to complete within a confined space? Have a read below for more information on how Lifting Gear Direct can help solve this problem for you.

What are the challenges of lifting in confined spaces?

If you’re able to work in a place with more space, then we would suggest moving your lifting operation, but there could be a dozen reasons why you need to work in a confined space, so if it can’t be moved then we understand.

Lifting operations always present challenges or things that you need to consider, but lifting in a confined space has its own set of challenges which you need to factor into your pre-planning.

confined spaces

Working in confined spaces presents a unique set of challenges!

You need a piece of lifting equipment that is smaller and more compact, but yet still presents positive solutions to the challenges of any lifting operation, such as can it lift the weight of the load that you need lifting adequately, or is it safe to use this particular piece of lifting equipment in this environment?

For example, one such environment that is confined and yet lifting equipment is crucial is the mining industry. However, not only must you think about the confinement of the space, but you also have to consider that there may be a great deal of flammable dust in the air, so you need a piece of lifting equipment that is both compact and safe to use here.

You also always need to make sure that there is enough space left around your lifting apparatus so that the load can be lifted safely, and neither you nor any other employees are too close to get harmed should there be an accident.

Some solutions for lifting in confined spaces

Below we’ve listed some of the pieces of lifting equipment that we stock at Lifting Gear Direct that you can use in confined spaces.

Articulated arm jib crane

The Donati CBB / MBB Articulated Arm Jib Crane is a great piece of lifting equipment for working in unusual spaces. While it isn’t a compact piece of lifting gear, it has a slewing arm that bends in the middle, meaning it can lift around corners.

Mini air hoists

Air hoists are an extremely commonly used piece of lifting equipment, and items such as the Red Rooster TCR-250 & TCR-500/2 Mini Air Hoist are great for more confined spaces.

Floor cranes

Floor cranes are one of the best pieces of equipment for lifting in confined spaces, and they also go by the name “workshop crane” thanks to their widespread use in workshops. This is due to their smaller and more compact nature. They can also be easily folded up for added compactness.

Looking for more solutions to lifting in confined spaces?

If you’re after more pieces of lifting equipment that you can use in confined spaces, then we’re here to help. You can get in contact with us here.



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