We are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of lifting gantries and A-Frame gantry cranes, offering a huge range of products suitable for a variety of applications. The reason that we stock so many lifting gantries is because of the level of flexibility that is offered to our customers and clients. We’ve explained more on this below.

Range of weight limits

One of the areas where a lifting gantry is most flexible is in the huge range of weights that they are capable of lifting. We stock lifting gantries that can handle weights ranging from 250Kg all the way to 5000Kg, and many sizes in between.

Just as it’s important to properly plan the space that you will be working in before purchasing a lifting gantry, please also come fully prepared with the knowledge of the weights of the loads that you will be lifting.

Lifting gantries with wheels

Some of our lifting gantries come with wheels attached to the bottom, such as our 2000Kg range. We’re sure that we don’t need to highlight the flexibility of these too much to you; the wheels allow for you to easily move your gantry around a worksite.

Please note that not all of our lifting gantry range come with wheels, but can still be moved around a worksite should you wish. We are also able to fit mobility castors to these gantries, or plated feet should you prefer permanent positioning.

lifting gantry

Some handy gantries come with wheels attached to the bottom

A Lifting gantry manufactured from aluminium

We also stock lifting gantries that are constructed from aluminium rather than steel. This offers a different level of flexibility to clients, because aluminium has a higher resistance to corrosive elements and to moisture than steel. This makes it a great alternative for environments where these substances may be present.

Bespoke cranes or adjustable heights

If you do choose to purchase an aluminium gantry crane, you will be offered the additional benefit of having adjustable heights. Our range comes in three different heights and a number of spans, as well as lightweight and foldable parts.

For our other lifting gantries, we can craft bespoke pieces to a height that matches your exact specification.

Detachable parts

Lifting gantries have detachable parts, meaning that you can easily disassemble your crane down to store it or transport it to another worksite. The flexibility benefits offered here are obvious!

Compatible with many accessories

A final level of flexibility offered by lifting gantries is that they are compatible with a range of accessories such as electric hoists or manual hoists to help conduct the actual lifting operation.

Alongside this, there are many optional extras that you can purchase for your equipment, such as levelling jacks, which will help you to work on uneven ground.

Want to speak to one of us about our products?

You can see from the above just how adaptable and flexible a lifting gantry really is. These huge range of benefits that they offer makes them useful to so many industries around the world, particularly on construction sites.

If you would like to hear more on our products, please find our contact details here.


Image credit: AndyG