A quick Google search will show you that there are tons of pieces of lifting equipment on the market; both in terms of type and style of lifting equipment, as well as the manufacturers, distributors and resellers who stock these items.

Although you’re bound to find cheap alternatives on the internet, many risks can come with these too. Below we have talked in greater detail on the importance of only using certified lifting equipment.


Types of certified lifting equipment

There are generally two types of certifications that will apply to pieces of lifting equipment. The first relates to the lifting ability of your equipment, such as the weight capacity that it can handle.

The second is certification that will need to constantly be renewed, and relates to regular inspections and maintenance of your lifting equipment. Any type of equipment, including lifting equipment, naturally wears overtime, and regular inspections will provide you with a renewed certification that your equipment is safe to use.

certified lifting equipment

It’s important to only use lifting equipment that has been certified and has a good seal of approval!

We recommend inspecting your equipment at least every six months, with an absolute maximum of 12 months between inspections. For inspections carried out by professionals and for a certification afterwards, we would be more than happy to help.


Complying with the appropriate legislation

If you are purchasing lifting equipment that hasn’t been certified, then you run the risk of your equipment and supplier not complying with all of the necessary rules and regulations that are present in the UK.

The most important regulation that applies to lifting equipment is the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER). While this regulation does fall under the Health and Safety at Work Act, it itself is not technically a law. This means that manufacturers and suppliers who don’t follow the route of certified equipment may not also bother complying with important regulations such as LOLER.


Safety of your lifting equipment

It is easier than ever to buy fake equipment and goods. With markets such as China churning out heaps of fake goods at a fraction of the cost, it’s hardly surprising that some are tempted to purchase uncertified and fake lifting equipment.

While purchasing a fake watch or fake handbag may be okay, purchasing fake equipment can cause serious safety issues. You cannot fully rely and trust equipment that hasn’t been certified; these certifications are in place for a reason.


Quality control

It’s very hard for you to inspect and maintain the quality of your lifting equipment if you don’t know exactly where it’s come from or what it’s made of. Should you have any problems with it, and it hasn’t been properly certified, then chances are it won’t be covered by a warranty either.

The cost of purchasing uncertified lifting equipment that won’t last as long will eventually end up costing you more than if you had paid slightly more at the start and had longer-lasting lifting equipment!

Find out more about our certified lifting equipment

Here at Lifting Gear Direct, we only use reliable, safe and certified lifting equipment. You can find out more about this from us here.



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