The Importance of Staff Training

It’s likely that your business will have a huge variety of equipment, items and resources being used at any one time, and staff training is essential at every level. Whether it’s on how to use the database properly, best sales practice with customers, health and safety regulations, or something else entirely, staff training is essential in keeping the business running smoothly.

Some training is more critical than others, particularly when employee safety is involved. This is obviously the case when it comes to the use of lifting equipment and heavy loads. We’ve covered in more detail on how and why you should ensure that your staff are properly trained when using lifting equipment.

The lifting of heavy loads

Lifting equipment is used to lift loads that are simply too heavy for a normal human to lift, and can be in the tens of thousands of kilograms (or more depending on the industry you’re in!)

This means that the lifting and lowering of these heavy loads must only be handled by an expert; any problems could cause serious injury to anyone else in the area. There are also other factors to think about, such as height safety training, and while some of it may be common sense, proper staff training is required for all aspects of height safety.

staff training

It’s crucial that you train your staff properly when using lifting equipment

Following all necessary rules and regulations

It’s not just recommended guidelines that say that you need to ensure your staff are properly trained when working with lifting equipment; it’s also the law. The most commonly referred to piece of regulation when it comes to the lifting equipment industry is the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER), which looks at the proper use of lifting equipment in the industry.

Save money and time

A business functions on money and time, and training can help you to reduce costs in these areas. While you may need to initially invest more up front for thorough training, the benefits will far outweigh the costs when accidents are avoided and business processes are completed as swiftly as possible.

Failing to properly train your staff can lead to a slow production rate or, worse, accidents or damages.

The varied uses for lifting equipment

As you may have gathered, there are hundreds of types of lifting equipment on the market from hundreds of different suppliers and manufacturers. They have hugely varied uses and functions, and some pieces of lifting gear are used in dozens of ways.

Staff training will not only ensure that your staff use your lifting equipment properly and safely, but it will also ensure that they can get the most out of the lifting equipment too.

Inspections and testing of lifting equipment

Staff with proper training of lifting equipment can also help to keep your lifting equipment in a top working order. Lifting equipment needs regular inspecting, servicing and maintenance to ensure that it continues to operate at an optimum level.

While some inspections and testing will need to be carried out by the experts from time-to-time, your staff can help to perform regular inspections.

Want to know more about the proper use of lifting equipment?

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