We have a huge range of lifting equipment available here at Lifting Gear Direct, and it sees us working in dozens of sectors and industries around the world. One of the most popular industries that makes heavy use of lifting equipment is the construction industry, so if you’re interested in finding out more on what type of gear may be best suited for this industry, then please read on below.

Construction kits

One of the best places to start is with one of our handy construction kits, specially designed for the industry. We stock both the Yale CMHYP04 Construction Kit and the Yale CMHYP05 Construction Kit, both containing safety gear in handy carry cases, ideal for those that need to scale heights.

As a side note, for anyone that will be working at height within the construction industry, please take a look at our height safety page.


Hoists are one of the most widely used pieces of lifting gear accessory within the construction industry thanks to their high level of compatibility with many of the other items of equipment that construction workers use.


The construction industry is one of the biggest users of lifting equipment

We stock eight different types of hoist, but the most effective ones for the construction industry are our electric hoists, perfect for minimising the strain that workers will face with heavy loads.

You will also find that scaffolding hoists are frequently used, given the fact that the majority of construction projects involve scaffolding!

Gantry systems

Mobile gantry systems and aluminium gantry systems are the most effective types of crane that are used in the construction industry. While our other stock of cranes are effective, the mobility that is offered by the fact that gantry cranes have wheels on the bottom mean that they can be used all over a construction site.


Winches are one of the easiest ways of lifting equipment up and down a construction site, and they come built in with many safety features too to protect against the risk that heavy construction loads may pose.

Load restraints

Load restraints are the perfect way of securely fastening a load down on a construction site, ready for the operation at hand. We stock cam buckles, load binders, ratchet lashings and rope here, and none is particularly more effective than the other, it more depends on the weight and shape of the load that you are working with. Generally, cam buckles and ratchet lashings are the most commonly used type of load restraint on a construction site.

Find out more about the construction industry

If you work in the construction industry and you’re looking for more information on the right type of equipment for you, then we’d love to help. You can get in contact with us here.



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