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The Most Effective Lifting Equipment to Use for Stairs

Whether inside a worksite, or moving between worksites, you may find that you need to traverse a set of stairs with your equipment or load. Generally, operations are planned so as not to have to rely solely on stairs, but this does not eliminate the possibility that you may encounter stairs at some stage!

To help with this issue, below we have listed some of the most effective lifting equipment to use for stairs.

Stair climbers

Stair climbers are the most common choice used when a load, or some other object, needs to be carried up a set of stairs. They are built with several wheels on the back, so that the wheels can roll and rotate, making it easier to manoeuvre up each individual stair. They are also built with a loading platform attached, so that loads can be easily stacked up for transportation.

The most effective lifting equipment to use for stairs

Stairs can be tricky to traverse!

Unfortunately, we don’t stock stair climbers at Lifting Gear Direct, but we do supply a number of other pieces of effective lifting equipment which could help.

Load restraints

Load restraints are commonly used in conjunction with other pieces of equipment, such as stair climbers. Given the difficult nature of having to climb up, and to prevent any objects or loads falling, they can be tied together using equipment such as cam buckles, ratchet lashings or rope.

This provides a safe and secure way of holding loads together.

Scissor lifts

As we mentioned, most worksites using lifting equipment don’t only rely on stairs, and there are often other ways that you can get around. Scissor lift tables are popular pieces of equipment that help to avoid stairs altogether.

Drum trucks

Some pieces of equipment, such as the Raptor DE450 Adjustable Drum Truck have larger wheels than other pieces of equipment, and so are much easier to roll up stairs than those with smaller wheels. It is recommended to use this in conjunction with load restraints, as discussed above, to ensure the safety of all workers and the objects being lifted.

Home maintenance

Lifting equipment is also used in other slightly more innovative ways for stairs. Modern homes often use products such as wire rope to not only support stairs, but to actually form the protective barrier that runs up the stair.

This is because it provides a good level of protection, as well as maintaining a modern and contemporary look too. You can see examples of this here.

Find out more about our effective lifting equipment

If you want to find out more about how one of our lifting products can aid your business, then we would love to help. Please call us on 01384 769161, or get in contact with us here.



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