A quick browse of the Lifting Gear Direct website will show you that there are dozens of types of lifting equipment available to you. While we sell larger items of equipment such as cranes and gantry systems, we also offer many smaller pieces of lifting equipment and accessories too.

In many parts of the lifting industry, especially in sectors such as construction, steel beams are frequently used. Below we have explained the most effective types of lifting equipment and accessories to use for steel beams.

Beam clamps for Steel Beams

A beam clamp is the standard choice when it comes to looking for an effective piece of lifting equipment that can safely conduct heavy lifting and lowering tasks. To cater for the huge range of industries that use steel beams and have need for clamps, there are a wide variety of beam clamps on offer to customers.

For example you can find standard beam clamps, adjustable double beam clamps, or permanently fixed beam clamps. You will see beam clamps being used in heavy industrial industries such as construction, all the way down to smaller uses in places such as garages.

Beam trolleys for Steel Beams

Beam trolleys are extremely similar to beam clamps, with the difference being that they are able to move along the beam that they are fixed to. This movement can be conducted either through pushing, through gears or through electric power.

steel beams

There are several pieces of lifting equipment that you can use for steel beams

These beam trolleys provide the same strength as beam clamps, but allow for a mobile lifting platform, which can have a variety of uses. They can also be fixed into place when needs be, meaning that they double up as beam clamps.

Girder clamps for Steel Beams

The final type of lifting equipment that is effective for use with steel beams are girder clamps. Girder clamps operate in exactly the same way as beam clamps, being able to be fixed onto a point on a steel beam for a lifting and lowering task.

The difference with girder clamps is that they can also be used to lift the steel beam or steel girder themselves too. Here at Lifting Gear Direct, we stock permanently fixed girder clamps, adjustable girder clamps, fixed jaw girder clamps, girder dog clamps and swivel jaw girder clamps.

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All of the clamps that we stock are great for use with steel beams, and come from reputable and well-known suppliers.

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