Here at Lifting Gear Direct, not only do we stock various types of lifting equipment, but we also have several types of lifting accessories too. These accessories, used in conjunction with lifting equipment, can make a lifting or lowering task much easier.

A snatch block is one type of accessory that we stock and we have explained these in more detail below.

What are snatch blocks?

A snatch block is a useful piece of equipment which is used with a winch to increase the winch’s functionality. Usually constructed from carbon steel and with lifting strengths of up to 15 tonnes, it features two side plates which can open and close.

Because of this, you can feed a cable through one of the side plates, and then close it, securely fastening the cable in place. This means that you don’t have to worry about threading a cable through the opening, which can be time consuming. This also means that you can effectively double the line of the cable, therefore doubling the lifting capacity of the snatch and winch combo.

What are the benefits of using a snatch block?

Snatch blocks are strong and sturdy pieces of equipment that can increase a winch’s pulling power and allow you some self-recovery in tough situations; for example, it is easy to clear obstacles using a snatch block. This is possible because a snatch block allows you to change the angle of a cable by acting as an anchor point.

For example, this video, titled Using A Snatch Block On A Tree To Recover A Wrecked Car, shows just how useful a snatch block can be in certain situations.

snatch block

The above is an example of a snatch block

Also, by allowing more cable to be pulled off the drum, your winch will be able to lift more and at higher heights. You can even use multiple snatch blocks on one arrangement, further increasing the power of your winch.

Using your snatch block safely

However, you must be careful when using a snatch block by being sure that your snatch block is capable of lifting the load that you are working with. If using a hydraulic winch, the winch will continue to lift and pull until the cable snaps should you be using incorrect lifting strengths.

What snatch blocks do Lifting Gear Direct stock?

We stock two different types of snatch block at Lifting Gear Direct; the snatch block with shackle and the snatch block with hook. They both have the same working load limits, the only difference is simply that one has a hook and the other has a shackle. This allows us to provide snatch blocks for multiple situations and lifting tasks.

Want to know more about our lifting gear accessories?

If you are interested in hearing more on our snatch blocks or our other pieces of lifting accessories, then please don’t hesitate to give us a call and we would be more than happy to help.

Image credit: 4volvos