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Pallet Truck with Weighing Scales WSPT1A/B

Pallet Truck with Weighing Scales WSPT1A/B

The WSPT1A/B pallet truck with weighing scales is a series of pump trucks with attached weighing scales in order to accurately weigh loads on a pallet or perhaps in a crate. One model also incorporates a printer to print a hard copy of the scale results. Up to 2000kg can be handled with these pallet weighing scales.

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About the Pallet Truck with Weighing Scales WSPT1A/B

Make palletised load weighing easier with a pump truck & scale system, take your truck to the load to be weighed, not the other way around!

This series of high quality pump trucks will weigh loads up to 2000kg in 1kg increments and with the accuracy of 0.1% of the load.

There are three models in the range, the first two are the WSPT1A and the WSPTP1A. The only difference between these two pallet trucks is that the latter includes a printer and is fractionally heavier because of this. These pallet weighing trucks are best suited to euro pallets but can handle slightly larger ones such as the GKN blue variety.

The third model is the WSPT1B, this does not have a printer option but does possess larger forks. The two 'A' models forks are 540 x 1150mm across the forks whilst the 'B' model measures 685 x 1220mm and also has a larger gap between the forks and therefore better suits larger pallets and crates.

Key Features of the WSPT1A/B Pallet Weighing Scales

All models in this range incorporate a large, easy to read and operate 6 digit LED display which comes with a re-chargeable battery for convenience. Modes include weighing, counting and animal weighing functions. The unit has a weight storage function as well as percentage and accumulation functions.

The pallet weighing scales are pretty accurate to 0.1% of the applied load and can measure up to 2000kg in 1kg increments.

The built in automatic shut off facility protects from battery power wastage to prolong the using time of the weighing pallet truck.

All pallet weighing scales are IP5X rated and can be operated within the temperature ranges of -10 degrees C and +40 degrees C.

The pallet truck with scales and printer, the WSPTP1A enables you to print out the results attained from the weighing scales. This is great if you need to keep track of calculations in your record keeping system. It is also very handy for marking the load with the identified weight as the print out can be attached to the load easily.

The thermal printer takes standard size paper rolls.

Other Pallet Weighing Scale Trucks

Lifting Gear Direct understands the need for knowing load weights, particularly when it comes to health and safety. We are able to supply a range of quality pallet trucks with scales which can be used for palleted, crated or boxed loads. Some models have the added benefit of an incorporated printer for a permanent hard copy of your loads weight. Our collection of weighing pallet trucks has models of various dimensions and capacities to choose from so check out all the specifications to ensure suitability.

Crane scales and tension load cells are other types of load and force calculation equipment we can supply, although these are used to weigh suspended loads.

Printer No Yes No
Load Capacity / Increments 2000kg / 1kg 2000kg/1kg 2000kg/1kg
Dimensions across forks W x L 540x1150mm 545x1150mm 685x1220mm
Minimum lowest fork height 85mm 85mm 85mm
Maximum raised fork height 200mm 200mm 200mm
Fork width 160mm 162mm 160mm
Gap between forks 220mm 221mm 365mm
Weight 106kg 107kg 110kg