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Raptor DL360 Steel Drum Lifter

Raptor DL360 Steel Drum Lifter

Buy the Raptor DL360 Steel Drum Lifter for lifting drums vertically from Lifting Gear Direct at great everyday prices.
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About the Raptor DL360 Steel Drum Lifter 

The DL360 is a drum lifter, ideal for 210 litre open top or tight head steel drums and plastic drums with large or extra large rings, open or closed. You can lift and position drums easily with the Raptor DL360 drum lifter when attached to a hoist, crane or forklift using the correct connection. We have a great range of shackles to help with any connection tasks.

The welded grip hooks enable quick and easy transportation of open or closed steel drums. When the drum is completely lowered to the ground, just a small extra lowering of the lifter so it becomes slack will allow the drum lifter to automatically disengage.

There are 3 points of contact between the lifter and the drum enabling drums remain upright throughout the lift. 

Requiring little maintenance and being compact to store, the DL360 could be your drum lifting solution.

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So whether you need to stack, store or empty drums, Lifting Gear Direct will no doubt have a solution. Get in touch on 01384 76961 if you need help or advice.

Model Capacity (KG) Dimensions to suit drum Dimensions drum size Weight (KG) 
DL360 360 Steel 210 litre 4.5