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Raptor SD30 & SD55 Drum dollies

Raptor SD30 & SD55 Drum dollies

These drum dollies are great for transporting individual drums around the workplace. Get yours today from Lifting Gear Direct

  • Brand:: RAPTOR
  • Product Code: Raptor SD30 & SD55
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About the Raptor SD30 & SD55 Drum dollies

The Raptor SD30 & SD55 are drum dollies for placing drums on to move them around with minimal effort.

Able to transport all types of drums with ease.

Smooth rolling due to the single race bearing, heavy duty zinc plated castors which are replaceable. (oil, water & impact resistant)

Complete welded frame.

Zinc plated nuts and bolts.

We can offer a wide range of drum handling equipment and other material handling solutions.