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Ridgegear RGH K3 Height Safety Kit

Ridgegear RGH K3 Height Safety Kit

Premier height safety kit
  • Brand:: RidgeGear
  • Product Code: Ridgegear RGH K3
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About the Ridgegear RGH K3 Height Safety Kit

The RGH K3 is the premier height safety kit from Ridgegear, designed to tackle the majority of situations.

This kit includes:

a water repellent full body harness with 'D' rings at both front and rear, made from 45mm polyester webbing. (RGH2)

a 1.8 metre lanyard (RGL1) and a scaffold karabiner (RGK11).

An anchorage sling (RGK26/1)

A 2.5 metre fall arrest block (RGA1)

Optional carry cases available


Ridgegear RGH K3 spec