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Rucksack Lifting Bags

Rucksack Lifting Bags

Rucksack lifting bags are perfect for those who work out on site or in the field. Tools, materials and Height Safety Equipment can all be carried on your back with the rucksack type shoulder straps to location. These backpack lifting bags can then be lifted by a hoist or winch to the height at which the contents are required. There are 3 sizes/styles available.

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About Rucksack Lifting Bags

Rucksack lifting bags have been designed for technicians and engineers who work in the field, perhaps on wind farms or else at any height where you need a specific set of tools or PPE.

Each rucksack incorporates a fully compliant lifting sling with purple wear pads, which passes through and right under the bag, providing excellent support and security. As with all Pafbags the sling passes through the sling tunnel so that is stays in the ideal lifting position and can be completely checked for defects by rotating the sling through the tunnel.

What Lifting Rucksacks are Available?

There are 3 types of lifting rucksacks available from Lifting Gear Direct.

All bags have a roll top closure secured with Velcro and quick snap buckles to ensure the contents remain secure. The lifting slings are EN1492-1 compliant + CE stamped and acceptable for lifting with a hoist or crane.

All bags can be quickly converted into an open top lifting bag if required, this is done by fully opening the top and folding the roll top portion down inside the main body. This enables quick loading and access to its contents. Each carries a 2 year manufacturing defect guarantee.

1; The Engineers Rucksack Lifting Bag

This rucksack has a 40 litre capacity with a 25kg safe working load limit. It is 300mm wide, 220mm deep and 600mm high. At each side there is a zipped pocket for storing quickly needed tools and 'D rings to attach perhaps torch for example. The shoulder straps are padded for comfort, there is also a chest strap plus a waist strap to offer additional support to the wearer whilst ensuring good stability on the back.

At the front of the bag you will find an A5 sized pocket which is ideal for quick access documents. There is also a fluorescent strip to provide better visibility in poorly lit environments.

Inside the bag there is a padded lap top section and plenty of room for all your height safety equipment and more.

2; The Technicians Rucksack Lifting Bag

Designed for professionals who need to walk to the destination to carry their personal kit and PPE. It can be lifting to the height required by a suitable lifting device such as an electric hoist or winch.

The sling can be completely revealed for thorough inspection by passing the sling through the sling channel, which also keeps the sling in place at all times.

With a 40 litre load volume capacity and a 25kg maximum load limit, a lot of kit can be packed into this rucksack.

Comfort and stability for the wearer is provided by the padded shoulder straps with added waist and chest straps. There is a fluorescent strip to provide good visibility if the light is poor..

3; 94 litre Roll Top Bag with shoulder straps

This lifting bag is slightly different from the first two bags as it does nor closely resemble a true backpack. Its round shape enables lifting through bulkheads and tight spaces much easier. It has a whopping 94 litre volume loading space and a 300kg max. SWL. It measures 400mm in diameter and 750mm high so is rather sizeable. This 94l roll top bag with shoulder straps was designed initially with wind farm & energy engineers who need to walk with their kit to remoter locations when the bag containing their tools, PPE, spares and other required equipment can be hoisted to the height at which it will be used. The shoulder straps are red to make them easily distinguishable from the lifting sling. The lifting sling has all the hallmarks of the Pafbag lifting bag design with sling tunnels and ring slings (find out about these on the main lifting bag page) as well as an internal HDPE base plate for strength and stability. Externally you have the option of a soft boot or a hard tray for abrasion protection at the bottom of the bag.

More Roll Top Lifting Bags and Related Equipment

Roll top lifting bags provide an almost air tight closure providing great protection for the contents. The quick fit snap buckles ensure the top will not unroll during use. There are a really good selection of sizes available at Lifting Gear Direct from short and wide to long and thin, in fact there is a roll top bag to suit many types of loads. Capacities range from 34 to 216 litres. Roll tops can also be utilised as open top lifting bags too, so you are essentially getting 2 for 1.

To actually lift a lifting bag to any height you will need some form of hoisting equipment, whether its a simple pulley block, powered winch of electric hoist, Lifting Gear Direct can supply everything you are likely to need and at great prices too.

Type Width/Diameter Depth Height SWL
94 litre roll top + shoulder straps 400mm Ø
750mm 300kg
Engineers Rucksack 300mm 220mm 600mm 25kg
Technicians Rucksack 300mm 200mm 600mm 25kg