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RUD VLBG Plus Swivel Eye Bolt

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RUD VLBG Plus Swivel Eye Bolt

The RUD VLBG plus Swivel Eye Bolt rotates a full 360 degrees and adjusts to the pull direction.

The full working load limit is obtainable in all recommended directions.

Bolt is held captive within the body.


Technical Data

Method of Lift           
Number of legs11222223 & 43 & 43 & 4
Angle of inclination <β0°90°0°90°0-45°45-60°unsymm.0-45°45-60°unsymm. 
TypeThreadWLL in metric tons, bolted and adjusted to the direction of pull 
VLBG 0.3tM80.3t0.3t0.6t0.6t0.42t0.3t0.3t0.63t0.45t0.3t
VLBG 0.63tM100.63t0.63t1.26t1.26t0.88t0.63t0.63t1.32t0.95t0.63t
VLBG 1M12 / 1/2"1t1t2t2t1.4t1t1t2.1t1.5t1t
VLBG 1.5tM16 / 5/8"1.5t1.5t3t3t2.1t1.5t1.5t3.15t2.25t1.5t
VLBG 2.5tM20 / 3/4" / 7/8"2.5t2.5t5t5t3.5t2.5t2.5t5.25t3.75t2.5t
VLBG 4tM24 / 1"4t4t8t8t5.6t4t4t8.4t6t4t
VLBG 4tM274t4t8t8t5.6t4t4t8.4t6t4t
VLBG 5tM30 / 1 1/4"5t5t10t10t7t5t5t10.5t7.5t5t
VLBG 7tM367t7t14t14t9.8t7t7t14.7t10.5t7t
VLBG 8tM368t8t16t16t11.2t8t8t16.8t12t8t
VLBG 10tM4210t10t20t20t14t10t10t21t15t10t
VLBG 15tM4215t15t30t30t21t15t15t31.5t22.5t15t
VLBG 20tM48 20t20t40t40t28t20t20t42t30t20t


TypeWLL (t)Weight (KG)TAB max.CDEFGH stand.H max.JKL stand.L max.MRTorque
VLBG 0.63t M80.630.37530543424401029117675454010583230Nm
VLBG 0.9t M100.90.3275305434243910291696754545125103260Nm
VLBG 1.35 M121.350.337532543426381029211167545501451232150Nm
VLBG 2t M16 20.5585335636303913.536241498647601851638150Nm
VLBG 3.5t M203.51.3110508254455516.5433218711364752302048400Nm
VLBG 4.5t M244.51.5125508254456718433722213078802652448760Nm
VLBG 6.7t M306.73.31476010365606722.561492791518011034030671000Nm
VLBG 8t M3686.21977712282709726.577632232051101403003687800Nm
VLBG 10t M42106.71977712282709426.5777327320511015035042871000Nm
VLBG 15t M421510.92229515610085109368763263230130150350421001500Nm
VLBG 20t M482011.62229515610095105368773303230130160390481002000Nm

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