500KG Mobile Gantry Crane

500KG Mobile Gantry Crane

2000kg mobile gantry

2000KG Mobile Gantry Crane

1000KG Mobile Gantry Crane

Our 1000kg mobile gantry crane system can be most beneficial in areas where the lifting of medium weight loads needs to take place in different areas throughout the workplace. The possibilities are vast, this could be a warehouse, a manufacturing plant, a construction site or small factory unit.

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Custom Made 1000kg Mobile Gantry Crane Features

The bespoke 1000kg mobile gantry is manufactured here in our own workshop by experienced fabricators. We can tailor the dimensions to suit your needs, (up to 4.5 m under beam & 5 m span) and site visits are often available if you are unsure of the type and size which would be best for your intended lifting operations.

They are delivered in three pieces; 2 sides and the main beam. The three pieces are connected together with the use of heavy duty nuts and bolts, which not only enables quick erecting, it also means that the mobile gantry can be taken apart, perhaps to place into storage whilst not required or for taking to another site.

Mobility is an asset for any type lifting equipment, so long as it is used safely and made to a suitable standard. We also manufacture fixed jib cranes for floor, wall or column mounting if you want a more permanent setup.

1000kg Portable Gantry Accessories

Parking jacks are an optional extra item, and can be a great addition if the ground on which it is to be used is uneven, as the 4 parking jacks can be individually adjusted. We use top wind box jacks which are securely welded to the lower side frames. Read more about mobile gantry systems here.

Parking jacks are a good addition to a portable gantry if you are having to deal with irregular terrain, or are working on an incline. There is no need to take any safety risks if you have levelled the gantry with the jacks.

Other options which you can add to your mobile gantry include catenaries / festoons; electric isolator switches, we can also supply any type of lifting equipment including lifting slings, hoisting devices, shackles and anything else you may require. If you are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choice that is available, get in touch with us using the contact details below and we will help you to identify the right mobile lifting gantry configuration for your business.

The Lifting Gear Direct site is packed with products and accessories from big brands, as well as our own creations which are customised to meet our client’s needs. If you need anything from height safety equipment to force calculation hardware, we are more than likely to offer it at a competitive price point.

How to Contact us with Mobile Lifting Gantry Enquiries

There are several ways to get in touch with the Lifting Gear Direct Team. Call 01384 76961 if you want to speak to someone about any portable gantry project. Email us using our website’s contact form for a digital discussion. We can update you on any information you cannot find on our site and give you a quote for any product or service we sell.


1000KG Mobile Gantry Crane dimensions

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