500kg Over Braced Swing Jibs

500kg Over Braced Swing Jibs

2000kg Over Braced Swing Jib

2000kg Over Braced Swing Jib

1000kg Over Braced Swing Jibs

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We offer a custom-made jib crane with over bracing for max. room under the slewing arm. This particular model has a safe working load of 1000kg, so you can easily manoeuvre components and cargo weighing up to a tonne. It is just one of the over braced swing jibs we stock, each of which can be customised to your requirements. 

Key Stats of the 1000kg Over Braced Swing Jib

  • 1000kg SWL
  • 270° slewing range
  • Slew limit stops available
  • Installed and load tested by our own experienced team
  • Mandatory yearly inspections available

 Why Choose a Swing Jib?

A swing jib can be a sensible investment for a number of organisations, since its ability to handle loads through a broad arc, as well as using the beam to run a trolley and hoist, makes it extremely practical. This 1000kg unit sits around the middle of our in-house range of cranes, providing a bit more strength than our smallest 125kg SWL model while not sitting in the same price bracket as the flagship 3000kg assembly. 

One thing which sets this 1000kg crane apart from its more compact mates is the fact that wall mounting is not an option, for reasons of safety and stability. You can still pick between a column mounted model, or a floor mounted configuration, according to the layout of your premises. The over bracing will help with stability, strength and trolley travel. 

Augmenting your Crane Order

Aside from the practicality and sturdiness of our swing jibs, the best thing about buying one is that you can kit it out in whatever way you see fit. If you need accessories, we can supply them. If you are looking for cutting edge hoisting equipment, it can be included along with your swing jib. 

Inspection Obligations and more

As mentioned earlier, we will not only set up your 1000kg over braced swing jib on-site and check to make sure it is safe; we can also return and carry out annual inspections according to regulatory requirements. 

There is no room for complacency when it comes to safety and compliance in the use of heavy duty lifting gear. It is better to avoid any risks altogether by getting expert assistance when the time comes. 

Looking for Jib Crane Guidance?

Lifting Gear Direct is here to field any questions about our own-brand cranes, or the high quality products from other manufacturers we sell. Contacting our team is straightforward; either call 01384 76961 or use our website to email us with your query today

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