5000kg A-Frame Lifting Gantry

5000kg A-Frame Lifting Gantry

1000KG Aluminium Lifting Gantry

1000kg Aluminium Lifting Gantry

500kg Aluminium Lifting Gantry

The 500kg aluminium gantry comes in 3 heights, 2500mm, 3000mm & 3500mm with each height available is 4 span sizes, 2000, 3000, 4000 or 5000mm.

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All you need to do is choose the configuration that suits your needs and place an order with Lifting Gear Direct. You will appreciate all of the benefits that an aluminium gantry has to offer, from its lightweight design to its durability.

500kg Aluminium Gantry Crane Benefits

Like all of our aluminium gantry models, this unit is easy to put up and breakdown into a compact pack secured with the included securing straps for easier transportation. The alloy material with which it is constructed is tough yet light, which means it is less of a hassle to haul around from place to place. So, if you need a portable setup to handle a number of different lifting jobs, this is the best gantry to choose.

Aluminium is not just better than steel as a gantry option because it weighs less; it also has the edge in terms of general-purpose resilience. While humid conditions and chemical- rich environments can corrode other metals, an aluminium lifting gantry will shrug off the worst effects for longer. This means you can expect to get years of use out of this product without it missing a beat.

The half-tonne safe load limit is good for lots of different lifting jobs, especially if you want to give staff a rest from the more strenuous hauling tasks and prevent injuries from occurring. We also sell standard gantries in this range with capacities of between 250kg and two tonnes, which means we cater to customers’ needs effectively across every niche.

500kg Aluminium Lifting Gantry Add-Ons

Additional options include levelling feet which are ideal if the ground is uneven and a winch kit to aid safety & usability when raising and lowering the height of the unit. Stability is obviously an important asset, especially for a portable gantry which will need to stand securely in a number of different settings. Our standard aluminium models are just as impactful outdoors as they are under cover, so if you are going to be visiting lots of sites and need to tackle whatever challenges you face when you arrive, these gantries will give you all the support you need.

Each model is height adjustable by 500mm (under its max. height) in 100mm increments.

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Finding out all you need to know about the aluminium gantry products we sell on our site could not be simpler. You can contact us by calling 01384 76961 or using the simple form to send us an email with your question. We can also give you a quote for the custom lifting solutions we sell, so drop us a line today.

aluminium gantry options

SWLModel NumberBeam LengthClear SpanTrolley TravelMax Width Load Pin Height Min Load Pin Height MaxOverall Height Min Overall Height MaxTread


500KG LGD100608M200018401209221119042404218026831381
LGD101512M 2904340431803683

aluminium gantry dimensions

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