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Steerman S Extra Duty Load Moving Skates

Steerman S Extra Duty Load Moving Skates

With 2 models and a top capacity of 100 tonne you can be assured of finding the right skates for your load moving operation at Lifting Gear Direct.

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About the S Extra duty Load Moving Skates 

These universal skates are perfect for moving heavy loads including machinery and furniture for example. They are also great for un-balanced loads when used as a 4 point loading system. There is a turntable on the steerable section with the handle enables effortless steering whilst the rear set of skates are kept in position with the tie rod.

At a Glance

  • 2 models available capable of moving loads of 60 and 100 tonnes. 
  • Adjustable rear width up to 2000mm 
  • Larger wheels and turntables than the SX models 
  • Turntable consists of large diameter thrust bearings for smooth turning/positioning. 
  • Robust construction from S.G Iron 
  • Front component is steerable and complete with handle. 
  • Anti-slip turntable. 
  • Rollers are heavy duty,chemical resistant and their suspension ensures even ground contact.

With a robust modular construction a wide range of combinations are possible. The 'S' range has a joint suspension of the rollers to ensure positive contact to the floor, which is great if the floors are uneven.

Quiet running high tensile rollers will not damage flooring.

Other Load Moving Equipment

Lifting Gear Direct has an extensive collection of load moving equipment which not only includes many types of load moving skates but also features a range of scissor lift tables and pallet trucks. Load moving can be carried out in many ways and the type of equipment you choose will greatly depend on the type of loads you wish to move around. For example, if you need to move heavy drums and barrels then a product from our extensive drum handling range would be well suited. We also supply a range of forklift attachments to enable easier moving of specific loads utilizing your own fork lift truck.

If you are not sure which product would be best suited to your needs then call us for some friendly advice. 01384 76961.

Model Capacity (T) Overall height (mm) Number of rollers Roller diameter (mm) Colour of rollers Weight (KG) 
S-40 40 170 48 115 Blue 302
S-60 60 170 48 115 Black  302
S-80 80 210 48 150 Blue 525
S-100 100 210 48 150 Black  525