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Swarf Tipping Skip Contact LLS

Swarf Tipping Skip Contact LLS

This water-tight tipping skip is perfect for moving swarf. Buy now from LGD.
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  • Product Code: Contact LLS Swarf Tipping Skip
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About the Swarf Tipping Skip Contact LLS 

The LLS is a tipping skip ideal for catching swarf, debris and blanks due to its low height allowing it to be positioned under a press or conveyor.

The hopper is constructed from 3mm mild steel with a water tight finish, whilst the base and rear plate is from 5mm steel.

Available in a variety of colours ane with optional extras including lifting lugs, drain taps and castors.

Weight (KG) C of G Min C of G Max Load centre 
80 537mm 552mm 708mm
135 624mm 664mm 755mm
190 794mm 863mm 978mm
230 873mm 962mm 916mm


Model Ref Volume Capacity (KG) A B C D E F H J K
LLS 18L 180ltr 350 715mm 590mm 400mm 150mm 458mm 490mm 654mm 1093mm 290mm
LLS 50L 500ltr 1000 970mm 950mm 535mm 510mm 806mm 620mm 1014mm 1348mm 430mm
LLS 100L 1000ltr 1000 1340mm 1200mm 695mm 598mm 894mm 790mm 1264mm 1718mm 600mm
LLS 150L 1500ltr 1250 1490mm 1450mm 800mm 598mm 894mm 890mm 1514mm 1868mm 680mm

Swarf Tipping Skip Contact LLS

Model Ref Volume Capacity O/all Length O/all Width O/all Height
  [Litres] [mm] [mm] [mm]
LLS 18L 180 1093 654 490
LLS 50L 500 1348 1014 620
LLS 100L 1000 1718 1264 790
LLS 150L 1500 1868 1514 890