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Vertical Drum Lifting Clamps – DLCL Series

Vertical Drum Lifting Clamps – DLCL Series

These vertical drum clamps enable the quick lifting of steel drums with a single clamp suspended from a hoisting device. Two capacities available 200kg & 500kg

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About the Vertical Drum Lifting Clamps

The DLCL series of drum lifting clamps offer an inexpensive way to lift 210 litre steel drums. The clamp will usually be attached to a hoist or crane for example by its top suspension eye or shackle depending on the clamp type chosen.

The DLCL200 has the shackle connector and has a maximum handling capacity of 200kg. The DLCL500 has the eye type connection point which forms part of the clamp, these can handle loads up to 500kg.

Both clamps types grab onto the top rim of a steel drum. They have an automatic lock and unlock mechanism so they are easy to use.

Although these clamps can be used individually, when the drum is lifted it will tilt slightly (see Images) due to gravity, however if you need the drum to remain properly upright then using 2 clamps together will prevent the tilt. (chain not supplied).

Other Drum Lifting Clamps & Tongs

There are many other types of drum lifting clamps, grabs and tongs for use with other hoisting devices. Some handle drums vertically, some horizontally and some can do both, so consider how you would like to handle the drums prior to purchase. Please ensure you check each product for the type of drum that can be lifted with it. Most handle steel drums and a few can handle poly/plastic drum types.

Drum trucks, drum rotators and forklift drum attachments are some of the other types of drum handling equipment Lifting Gear Direct can supply.